By: Nancy Dow

The idea of creating your own wine may seem daunting but in just 3 simple steps you are able to create fantastic wine at an extremely reasonable cost.

Since 1993 Vintner’s Cellars across Canada have been helping people discover the art of wine making from beginning to end.

Owners Crystal & John

Upon arriving at the shop, you will be greeted by Crystal and John, experienced professionals who have been in the business since 2014. With their help in the full process you will create an average of 29 – 30 bottles per batch with packages starting at less than $4.50 per bottle. All packages include corks, shrink wrap and standard labels that are fully customizable. Plus, there are deals for new vintners – 30 free bottles or $20 off your first batch! It’s as simple as walking in the door to get started, nothing else is needed. The savings are great and it is so convenient to always have wine on hand for entertaining or gifts. A side benefit is the reduced use of sulphites in the wine – many customers report having no or fewer headaches than experienced with commercial wines.

Choosing which wine to make is simply the challenging part of the process – picking a wine you are familiar with is always a good start. Commonly known varieties are widely available with whites such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Riesling; and reds like Merlot, Pinot Noir or Shiraz. All of these give excellent flavours but branching out into something different might give you the experience you are looking for in this DIY adventure. With over 60 varietals you can try something new every visit!

The varietal juices are sourced primarily from California and Chile and are maintained to keep the stock on hand as fresh as possible as the harvests change.

The Supreme 100% juice is exactly that, pure juice. No water is added to start the process and it is completely ready to add the yeast to get started.

The Gold Medallion wines are a concentrated juice to which reverse osmosis water is added. Located right inside the store, the Reverse Osmosis station is there to provide the water used in the wines as well as a home or office water bottle refill station.

For more refined palates, choosing a Limited Reserve series with features from Italy, Australia, and region-specific vineyards may be more your style.

However, with the tempting fruit wines available you might be looking for this refreshing alternative. There are 19 varieties such as Wild Blueberry Bergamais, Tangerine Sauvignon Blanc, Tropical Fruit Chardonnay or Raspberry Zinfandel. All of the fruit wines are extremely popular during the spring and summer seasons but could easily help you get through the dark dreary days of winter while dreaming of the sun.

No matter which style or variety you have chosen, the process for you remains the same. After you have selected your wine, you add the yeast to the juice and in about six weeks you come back for the fun experience of bottling your finished wine in a bright, cheerful atmosphere with up to date equipment.

While the wines can be consumed as soon as you arrive home, most achieve better flavours with age. Ideally, if you are creating for an event, it is better to allow yourself several months to prepare in advance in order for it to fully develop the full range of flavours. If you are thinking of wine for summer, now is the ideal time to get started!

The team of Crystal and John are committed to providing as much information to you on the wines, process and how to care for your wine to ensure you have the best experience possible. The last two years have yielded 10 awards for wines from an international competition with entries worldwide – the quality of the wine is amazing!

After recovering from a heart attack that John endured in 2008, John and Crystal have decided that everything happens for a Riesling. During the month of February for each new batch made, $5 will be donated to The Heart & Stroke Foundation.

This wine making duo would like to welcome you to their ‘family’. What better time then now? Stop in and see them today for more information or to start a batch! No appointment necessary.

Vintner’s Cellar reminds everyone to always consume responsibly and never drink and drive!


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