Uploading Images to BScene

This information will be helpful when uploading images for your classified ad.

1. We accept the following image types: jpg, png, pdf.

  • If you are uploading a photograph the best options are jpg and png, although a scanned photo as pdf is also acceptable.
  • If you are uploading a company logo the preferred option is a vector pdf, with a transparent png being the second best option.
  • If you take a photograph with a smartphone it is possible that the image size will be too large to upload (over 4MB) and may also not be the correct format. You may need to edit the image on your device before uploading.

2. Your image may not be more than 4MB in size.

A note about image sizes: some images may be too small for printing purposes. For example, small thumbnail images are often too small to print effectively. If you upload such an image we will contact you to provide an image of a proper size for publication purposes.

3. Your image may be colour or black-and-white. If you select an image from those provided by BScene there are no possible changes to the colours. BScene images are provided as shown.

4. We will reproduce the image at a size that is most effective for the ad you are purchasing. We do not have the ability to preview this for you before publication.