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By: King’s Buffet

Have you ever been treated to an authentic Chinese full course traditional dinner? The whole experience is ceremonial. There is a specific order of how the food is prepared and how the food is served. The volume and the variety is bountiful. And when you dig deeper, you will find practical, scientific and artistic reasonings behind why and how they do what they do in the kitchen and how they are served at the dinner table.

In our North American way of life, we have a tendency to easily take for granted this art form in the kitchen because of our need for fast and convenient food. We invented fast food as a way of life – not as a way of eating healthy and enjoying life.

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If we slow down and try to notice, we actually do build relationships and life around food. The best time to engage our family is around the dinner table. We meet clients and friends for lunch or dinner where we engage in the sharing of our lives, points of views, learnings, dreams and aspirations. We encourage one another and build one another up in conversations while sharing the appreciation of the fine cuisine between us. We even find people whom we have never met before through networking events, public seminars and community meetings – always made better with food around and even breaking the ice between new relationships.

So here it is. The Chinese chef who wants to share his love for cooking and love for life has landed in North America where Chinese cuisine has been reduced to boxed rice or noodles with stir fried meat and vegetable toppings. How can he share his love for food in a highly strung, fast paced, and fixed-in-their-ways community of people? The key to authentic Chinese cuisine is FRESHNESS. Fresh is expensive. How do you remain authentic and yet not be too expensive to a point where people can’t afford it? There has got to be a way.

King's Buffet - Shrimp

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The solution is the buffet restaurant. Did you ever realize that buffets are faster than fast food? Yes they are. In a buffet, you can just go and take your choice of delicious and healthy choices from the immediately available buffet tables and start eating. No waiting in line to order. Buffets are healthier. You can choose the type of food and the volume of food you wish to get in accordance to what you know you should eat. Best of all, buffets make fresh affordable. The Chinese chef can afford to happily practice his love for food because he prepares it for more than one person at a time. “I prepare a feast every time I cook!” says the happy Chinese chef.

King's Buffet - Salads

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Kings Buffet is operated by the family of John and Amy Wu. Their happiness is about bringing family, friends, co-workers, and communities together around the dinner table. Companies enjoy giving their valued employees the freedom of choice about the food they wish to try and take through their Christmas and company parties that are hosted in Kings Buffet. Their prime ribs and amazing salad selections make it easy for the traditional North American to feel comfortable. It then opens the door for them to try, enjoy and embrace the rest of the authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine available right beside them.

There is one more secret to authentic Chinese cooking. To be true to the word, it is not really a secret but is actually a crucial decision that challenges any business. Consistency. This is the self-commitment of the Wu family. They see this not a way of life but as THE way of life. You will find excellence in their family on everything they do.

So try it. You will taste and see the difference of what the Kings Buffet means as fresh and fair. They raise the bar of quality in Chinese cuisine in Canada. It is very smart. And it is utterly delightful to the pallet as well as the wallet.

For more information, please visit or call 519-753-0600. And you can find them at 175 Lynden Rd Brantford inside the Lococo’s Plaza.