By: Dr. Angela Hanlon, ND

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When it comes to the ideal dietary balance, everyone has slightly different needs. If it makes sense to you, consider beginning here:

If you can’t warm up, have trouble forming thoughts, and are feeling flighty but not efficient: Very little fresh raw food in the colder months (fall, winter, early spring). Lightly cook or steam them. If you’re craving raw, consider choosing arugula, baby spinach, sprouts.

Coffee may be a yes for you, but if you’re getting armpit sweating then you’re drinking too much and probably draining your energy too quickly.

In the mornings you may be warmer, and your brain more creative. Write ideas down and get tasks done if you can. Don’t assume you’ll be as productive or able to problem-solve in the same way later in the day.

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Regardless of weight, the body may need substance. Consider real bone broth, avocado, banana, potatoes, plantains, sesame oil, black cumin (black seed), and black pepper.

Try not to be forceful with yourself.

If you have fast rapid thoughts, can’t focus, are hot or sweating (with or without chills), and can be moody: Consider warm soups that aren’t too spicy, with thick coconut milk or a bit of cream. Use dairy in moderation, too much may worsen your symptoms

Coffee may aggravate scattered thoughts, moods, and flushes of heat. Tea may be a better choice. You may do better with more moderate amounts of caffeine. Consider black teas such as orange pekoe, earl grey, or Pu-erh.

Comfort foods may be something you crave in the evenings. You might want to avoid heavy starches and sugar rich foods at this time of day. Talk to your ND about other satisfying food options that will work for you.

Stay steady, avoid extremes. You’ll be susceptible to energy bursts, where you end up spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out.

If your body temperature is fine or warm, you’re feeling lazy like you have lead in your bones, and have slow thought processes: Try light fresh greens, dark leafies, cabbage, and apples.

Coffee may aggravate your symptoms. Matcha, green or white teas may be better choices for you.

Get yourself outdoors regularly, and keep your body moving.

But most of all, book an appointment with one of our NDs to develop an approach that works best for your individual needs.