By Dr. Onkar Singh, BSc, N.D. #1060 –

It’s that time of the year where you might consider working with your Naturopathic Doctor to do a spring detox. Detoxification handles wastes not only from the environment, but from every process in all organs and systems of the body.

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The body was really only made to detoxify the natural toxins such as: by-products from metabolic processes, bacteria and stress. However, we now exceed this natural ability by living in an “unnatural” environment. A build-up of toxins can interfere with regular metabolic processes and increase the acidity of the body. Furthermore, it can lead to mineral deficiencies, create an optimal environment for bacteria, parasites and viruses, and can contribute to DNA damage. Signs of toxic overload can include: fatigue, depression, brain fog, poor memory, confusion, headaches, allergies, chronic infections, abnormal body odor to name a few.

When you work with your ND, they will individualize detoxification recommendations based on your present state of health which includes: mental, emotional, physical and physiological considerations. Your ND can work with you to create a plan that will divert energy to detoxification through juicing, healthy diet choices, certain key nutritional supplements and herbs. In doing so, this will help to promote elimination through the bowel, kidney, skin and lungs and refuel the body with nutrients.

Book an appointment with your ND today so they can formulate a detox plan that will be safe and gentle for you!