Submitted Media Release

Many residents have noticed the construction work at the intersection near the Brant Sports Complex at Rest Acres Road and Powerline Road.

“The road contractor has completed the work that can be done now and is waiting until the hydro work is completed. This work is underway.” said Rob Walton, General Manager of Operations for the County of Brant. “The schedule is for the roundabout to be functioning by the end of the 2018 construction season. Until then, this intersection is considered a construction zone.”

Motorists are encouraged to slow down through this intersection and be cautious. This area now has a speed limit that has been reduced from 80 kms/hr to 60 kms/hr.

“The County is looking at measures to help motorists safely navigate the construction zone,” said Walton. “However, reducing your speed and exercising caution is important.”

More information about the upcoming roundabouts will be available to the public this fall.