Submitted Media Release

The County of Brant would like to thank the community for their generous donations to the Paramedic Services.

“I am so proud of this community,” said Mayor David Bailey. “So many people have shown their love and concern for others during this time. We are a strong community and we are taking care of each other.”

As the COVID-19 health emergency continued to evolve, Paramedics put out a call to the community for donations of personal protective equipment.

“The community has been beyond generous to us,” said Russell King, Chief of Paramedic Services for the Brant Brantford Paramedic Services. “When we asked for help, over 40 people and businesses responded. We received much needed masks, gloves and gowns. In addition, restaurants stopped by and brought us meals. We sincerely thank you for helping us.”

There are many things you can do to help the community. One simple but important thing is to stay home and if you must go out, practice physical distancing. This helps everyone stay healthy and protects the frontline healthcare staff and other essential service workers. You can also make a donation to the food bank and call someone who may be lonely to lift their spirits.

“Everyone has a role to play,” said Mayor David Bailey. “We are in this together.”

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