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On September 12, 2019, the County of Brant officials practiced an emergency scenario related to a major winter storm.

“The scenario went very well,” said Mayor David Bailey. “This scenario was complex and included road closures, buildings with roofs that collapsed, a gas leak, personnel injuries, and downed cell towers. Overall, the collaboration and response was very well done.”

EOC 2019 Training 2

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Attending this practice scenario with the County of Brant Mayor and staff were the OPP, Energy Plus, Union Gas, Brant County Health Unit’s Medical Officer of Health and the City of Brantford’s Social Services.

“Collaboration and communication is key during an emergency,” said Bailey. “Having good relationships with our partners will help ensure a smooth process during a very important time.”

The top potential hazards within the County of Brant include winter storms, floods, tornados, and a chemical spill due to the railways and highways that move through the area.

“You never know when an emergency may strike,” said Bailey. “As much as we prepare at the County, we also need residents to prepare. Have a well-stocked emergency kit with enough water, food, medication and pet food to last at least 72 hours.”

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