SKIP Into Dominos Poster

By: Alijah Williams

Christmas was an extremely busy time for us as we packed close to 1,000 gift bags for seniors and had several schools from Paris, Port Dover and Brantford make cards and deliver them to seniors.

For some, it’s a very lonely time, even when there’s so much going on. We hope you all had a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, and hope you’ll continue throughout the year. Remember there are many seniors that live near you that miss family after Christmas, as well as kids that need an elder’s influence. Don’t let Christmas end in January!

As we SKIP into a New Year, we are thrilled to partner with the Paris Dominos for our fundraiser this quarter. We have enjoyed lots of food and want to encourage those who live in Paris to support SKIP by ordering your pizza online this month. Perhaps it’s an unexpected visit with someone, a youth group, senior’s euchre or dance group. But whatever the occasion, order some pizza and you can help to support our programming.

SKIP into Dominos runs from Jan 27th until the 30th with half of the pizza sale proceeds going toward SKIP. We hope you SKIP into Dominos and have an amazing start to 2020!