By: Liz Martorano

February is known as the month of love. Think about how important love is in our day to day. You see, there’s no age limit, gender or qualifier in order to love someone. Years ago, I read a book called the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and I encourage you to read it. Chapman outlines five ways to express and experience love, and personally I have witnessed them through observing SKIP visits.

I simply love seeing the elderly and the youngsters together. It’s heart warming to me, and speaks my language of time being spent together. Many students whose primary love language is ‘acts of service’, are often the ones who love to serve refreshments or help with specific tasks.

Last month we partnered with Domino’s in Paris, ON and would like to thank them and our entire community for supporting our ‘SKIP into Domino’s’ fundraiser. We LOVE pizza, and Domino’s knows just how we like it!

SKIP is partnering with the Brantford Public Library over the March Break and we’re inviting ALL seniors & kids to join us in the activities. High School and University students are encouraged to connect with us to volunteer for more SKIP into Technology sessions as well. Email or text 519.865.2419 to sign up before March 1st.

As SKIP’s mission continues, our hope is that you’ll join us in bringing generations and communities together. Volunteering as a senior or at any age can pave the way for more love in the world.