Submitted Media Release

The Paris Lioness Club has donated $2400 to the County of Brant to purchase a new bench and picnic table for the King Edward Street lookout in Paris, Ontario.

“The King Edward Street lookout is such a beautiful location in the County of Brant,” said Eleanor Moore, Past President and Secretary of the Paris Lioness Club. “We want to encourage people to sit and enjoy the scenery that overlooks the charming downtown of Paris. The members of the Paris Lioness Club felt this was the perfect way to give back to our community.”

The County of Brant plans to install the new bench and picnic table this spring.

“We are so appreciative of the Paris Lioness Club and their thoughtful gesture to the people who live in and visit the County,” said Mayor David Bailey. “We know this bench and picnic table will be a special spot to rest and enjoy the view for many years to come.”

The Paris Lioness Club was established in 1954 and since, has been part of the fabric of the community.