Submitted Media Release

The County of Brant, with the Paramedics Chiefs of Canada, is pleased to acknowledge Paramedic Services Week from May 26 – June 1, 2019. This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Successes’ and recognizes caring professional paramedics across the country.

“The people that work in this profession, work hard every day of the year. This service never takes a day off and they deal with stressful situations,” said Councillor Marc Laferriere, Chair of the Paramedic Services Committee. “It is important, as a community, to acknowledge the service Paramedics provide.”

The Brant/Brantford Paramedic Services serves the County of Brant and the City of Brantford including a total of 136,000 citizens; over approximately 914 square kilometers.

“Our paramedics are highly trained and skilled professionals who make a difference in our community each and every day,” said Cindy Stevenson, General Manager of Community and Protective Services for the County of Brant.

The Paramedic Services’ team consists of 108 primary and advanced care paramedics and there are three (3) stations in Brantford and one (1) in Paris.

“In 2018, we responded to over 23,600 calls for assistance. As well, the team offered the Community Paramedic Program five days a week,” said Russell King, Director of Paramedic Services at the County of Brant. “I want to thank the Paramedic team for the important role they play in keeping our community safe and healthy.”