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Living in the County of Brant, which is abundant with trails and parks, makes it easy for kids and kids-at-heart to find many places to play year round.

The newest addition to the County’s parks and trails includes a new playground at the Onondaga Ball Park at 21 Brantford St., Onondaga. Make sure to visit it in the springtime!

This winter, the County offers fun outdoor skating rinks which are available at Poplar Hills Park (20 Kingsmount Cres., Brantford), Mt. Pleasant Park (555 Burtch Rd., Mt. Pleasant), Syl Apps (51 William St., Paris) and Sunny Hill Park (87 Sunny Dr., St. George). Tobogganing can occur at Bemrose Park (86 Whitlaw Way, Paris) and King William Park (52 King William St., St. George). Additional park information can be found at:

In the winter, the public playgrounds, trails and parks are often not maintained and parental supervision is always a good idea to assess safety.

The following are a few safety tips that will ensure a great outdoor time in the winter:

Playground safety tips:
· Playground equipment becomes a slippery slope in the winter and the risk of slips and falls increase. During the winter, the pliant ground cover may freeze and become hard, putting kids at increased risk of injury. It’s best to avoid playground equipment in the winter.

Parks and Trails safety tips:
· We are so fortunate to have many rivers, ponds and creeks throughout the County. Make sure children and pets are properly supervised near water, whether it is frozen or flowing.
· Hike with a friend in winter. Daylight hours are short in the winter and the sun goes down quickly. Begin your trip early in the day. And remember, deep snow may obscure trail blazing or trail markers.

Other winter safety tips:
· Sledding is a fun activity and parental supervision is a good idea for youngsters. Avoid sledding on a hill near roads, trails, trees, fences, or other dangerous obstacles.
· Stormwater Management Ponds are designed to collect and retain storm water. It is not a safe place to skate or play near.
· And please remember, children should avoid playing around or on snowbanks by the road to avoid an accidental collision with a vehicle.

Although winter has had a slow start this year, we are thrilled to finally welcome the snow. Dress warm, be safe and have fun in this beautiful place we call the County of Brant!

For information about parks and trails, please contact Kathy Ballantyne, Director of Parks and Facilities for the County of Brant, at 519.442.1818 x 3202 or