Submitted Media Release

After hearing safety concerns from residents and conducting a pedestrian survey, a recommendation was approved by the County’s Public Works Committee for a pedestrian crossing in the eastbound lane of Dundas St. E. in Paris to provide safe passage on the road under the CN rail bridge.

“Concerns of people walking and using mobility scooters on the busy road to go under the CN rail bridge were brought forward from the public,” said Drew Baird, Chair of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for the County of Brant.

New sidewalks will be added to the south side of Dundas St. E. to extend from the Swiss Chalet entrance to the CN rail bridge. New traffic lights are being installed so pedestrians can stop traffic moving eastbound and safely walk onto the road, under the bridge and access the new sidewalk on the other side of the CN rail bridge.

“A pedestrian tunnel going through the CN rail bridge was investigated. However, costs were very expensive,” said Rob Walton, General Manager of Operations for the County of Brant. “We feel the solution that has been reached is financially prudent and meets the safety needs of residents.”

A second pedestrian crossing will be created between the CN rail bridge and the intersection of Dundas St. E. and Paris Rd. “This pedestrian crossing will extend north/south across Dundas St. E. and will aid pedestrians to safely cross the road,” said Walton.