By: Dr. Simone Burke, N.D.

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Acne is seen as a cosmetic condition. However, the areas of the body that have acne may be painful, may cause scarring and for some, become a source of frustration and social anxiety.

Acne usually first appears at adolescence, when hormones are changing. There is an increase in hormones called androgens which cause sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin to increase in size and in oil production.

If these glands become blocked, whiteheads and blackheads can develop. These may become infected by bacteria that cause inflammation and lead to the formation of cysts and pimples.

In general, most cases of acne clear up after adolescence, but this is not always the case. In many cases acne continues into adulthood or may even start in adulthood.

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From a naturopathic viewpoint, acne is an external manifestation of an internal imbalance. These are some key areas that Naturopathic Medicine addresses.

Nutrition is key to treating acne. Eating a diet rich in good healthy omega 3’s is important for hormones as well as for the skin. Eating a diet with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats along with enough of your vitamins and minerals is important for healthy skin.

Hydration is essential for healthy and firm skin. Toxins need to be removed and nutrients need to be delivered and water is an essential component for this.

Gut Health
Food sensitivities (not the same as allergies) to certain foods cause inflammation and lead to abnormal gut flora. There is a strong connection between gut health and skin health.

A daily bowel movement is important for getting rid of toxins. Excess hormones are eliminated via the bowels so keeping the bowels moving is necessary for great skin.

Skin care
Many skin care products are harsh and drying for the skin. Even with oily skin, you need a gentle, nourishing cleanser and moisturizer.

Women may notice more acne prior to or during menstruation. There is a connection between hormones and acne flare-ups. Hormone balance is key to great skin.

These are just some of the main areas that impact skin health. We also offer Elapro Spa treatments which reduce inflammation, reduce pimples and reduce scarring.

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