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Photo: Edward Seegmiller, President and CEO, bottom row centre, and all of the staff of Mott Manufacturing Ltd. presented a $100,000 donation to the executive team of the Brant Community Healthcare System and members of the BCHS Foundation Board of Directors on Aug. 15.

Mott Manufacturing supports the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation with $100,000 donation in support of the Emergency Department redevelopment.

The Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) is this region’s provider for Emergency Services. The Emergency Department (ED) at the Brant Community Healthcare System frequently operates well above its functional capacity, with current trends indicating that ED staff will treat over 58,000 patients in 2018. This is a significant increase from 2010 when the staff treated an average of 40,000 patients per year.

On March 2, 2018 the BCHS was delighted with the provincial government’s announcement supporting the multi-million dollar redevelopment, expansion and renovation of the Emergency Department at the Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford General site.

“We are so grateful to Mott Manufacturing for their generous donation in support of healthcare in our community”, says Chris McCurdy, Chair, BCHS Foundation. “The Emergency Department is accessed by so many in our community and this redevelopment will allow us to continue to invest and put patient care first at the BCHS.”

As part of the redevelopment, the Emergency Department will be enhanced to include new entrances, and renovations will be completed to improve visibility for patients and staff and ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

The BCHS Foundation needs to raise in excess of $3 million in support of this exciting project. It is also anticipated that once the patient equipment needs have been identified that, this number could easily reach $5 million. These funds will support the redevelopment of the ED as well as help us continue to put the technology and tools in the hands of our physicians and staff caring for our patients.

“We are honoured to support Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation in their Emergency Department redevelopment,” stated Edward Seegmiller, President and CEO, for Mott. “Our company is dedicated to helping our community by donating to the Brantford General Hospital.”

“This donation is a wonderful way to launch our fundraising efforts in support of the Emergency Department as the BCHS Foundation strives to raise funds to both support the ED redevelopment and the purchase of new and replacement medical equipment, says Kari Wilson, Executive Director of the BCHS Foundation. “Behind each success of the BCHS Foundation is the generosity of our community, our donors and volunteers. It is so heart-warming to see how donor dollars directly improve patient experiences at the BCHS.”

About the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation –

The BCHS Foundation is committed to raising critical funds to support the top priority needs for The Brantford General and the Willett, Paris. Your meaningful support of the Foundation helps us purchase medical equipment that is not covered by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funding model, provide essential resources to maintain the exceptional level of compassionate patient care, and invest in new and innovative technology.

About Mott Manufacturing –

Mott is a manufacturer of steel and wood laboratory casework and fume hoods.