Millards/Why Not Announcement

Millards/Why Not Cheque Announcement – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Submitted Media Release

Millards Chartered Professional Accountants is proud to announce their largest single donation in support of a local organization.

At an event on Tuesday, February 11th, held at their Brantford office, Millards made a $250,000 pledge to Why Not Youth Centre, a local organization that has demonstrated their effectiveness in tackling some of Brantford’s most pressing social challenges. Millards’ pledge will provide Why Not with operational funding of $4,167.00 per month for five years.

Millards Staff Help Celebrate the Announcement

Millards Staff Help Celebrate the Announcement – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, the Millards sponsorship represents the firm’s dedication to Brantford and the downtown core.

“This is a milestone year for Millards,” says Darin Cleary, Partner at Millards. “We are celebrating 100 years of service to our community and our clients. We are especially passionate about our city and the downtown and so it’s only fitting that our biggest philanthropic project to date is in support of an organization that has done so much for those in need around us.”

According to Cleary, Why Not Youth Centre has a track record of success and a viable plan for the future.

Why Not Director and Executive Director

Why Not Director and Executive Director Excited to Hear Millards Pledge – Photo by: Jason Freeze

“Its’ programs are already having a positive impact on Brantford. Why Not has demonstrated a drive and determination to make a real difference. We wanted to provide a foundation of sustainability so the organization could focus on delivering services.”

Conceived in 2002 by Charlie and Sue Kopczyk, Why Not Youth Centre operates a busy drop in centre, visited hundreds of times each month by local homeless and at-risk youth.

Using team mentorship and a responsive programming approach to youth engagement, Why Not works hard to empower young people so they can overcome the challenges they face and move toward functional, healthy adulthood.

Chatting After Announcement

Chatting After the Announcment – Photo by: Jason Freeze

“Providing a support community to these young people is of vital importance,” says Cleary. “By meeting basic needs like safety, food, belonging, and helping them to find shelter, Why Not helps youth find the essential stability for moving forward with their lives instead of being swept away by crisis.”

Cleary notes that Why Not has done much to address Brantford’s at-risk youth challenges and deserves attention for their hard work and achievements.

“We hope that our sponsorship will shine a light on the incredible work of Why Not but also rally support for their causes and initiatives such as the Lights On Club – Corporate Long Term Giving program being launched next month.”

Statistics for the current Why Not programs show that there is a crisis and a clear need for a sustainable service and a dedicated facility.

Why Not & Millards Cheque Presentation

Congratulations to both Why Not & Millards on the Community Building – Photo by: Jason Freeze

1200 young people visit Why Not Centre every month. At least once every 45 minutes a young person receives crisis support. Nearly every day, Why Not staff offer safety planning and long-term support to youth expressing suicidal thoughts.

Martin Dixon, senior Partner at Millards, pointed out that the firm’s donation was an amazing team effort.

“Once the decision was made that the firm would support Why Not, we decided to ask both the staff and retired partners if they would consider supporting. The response was overwhelming.”

Dixon believes that the Why Not initiative sets the perfect tone for the 100th anniversary of the firm being celebrated this year.

“I’m extremely proud of the staff, retired Partners and Partners at Millards for their 5 year commitment to Why Not Youth Centre. The City of Brantford is our home and we are honoured to partner with an organization that has an intimate understanding of the issues facing youth and a proactive plan to help. This sponsorship and donation will lead the way into our next century of service.”