By: Jason Freeze

In popular culture, May the 4th marks Star Wars day, but in our community the force is our events!

As the weather keeps getting warmer and Spring turns into Summer, more and more events will be popping up throughout the season. Spring and Fall are the peak seasons for events in our community, so I thought it was fitting to tell the story of the force behind our Events Guide.

In a time far, far away (about three years to be exact) there was a community which was said to be the centre of the Universe (by an ice warrior’s father). It was a dark time as people were bored and didn’t know what to do. But one day, a paper came into being wielding a powerful tool. It was an Event Guide that could help the community battle their dreaded foe, boredom.

Joking aside, this is really one of the main reasons why BScene was created. The stigma was, there’s nothing to do here. And so, we set out to show people that there are lots of things to do and to explore here in our own community. Since starting out, we’ve been able to grow our Event Guide to over 200 events each month. But the real power of the Event Guide lies with the community members. It’s not powered by crystals or lasers, but by the people of our community. It’s you who submits the events and you that goes to support them. And without you enjoying all of these events, it really would be a sad time.

I also wanted to bring up the topic of our Events Guide this month as it’s been six months since we’ve updated our Event Guide and website. And I’m excited to say, that it has been going well! We’ve been able to work out the kinks and many of you have been posting your events for a number of months now. We’re always looking at ways to make improvements, so we’ll be keeping on top of those as we go.

For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, its pretty simple. Just head on over to our website, To submit an event, click the submit button at the top of the page. This will take you to the form, where you can include lots of information and even your event poster or image. Once its in our system, then we can include it in our photographer list. And remember, our deadline to get it in the paper is always the 20th of each month!

And for those action/adventure types, you can use our monthly view or daily view to see all the exciting possibilities of where you can explore and discover our community! Besides that, we’ve also divided all the events into six main categories that you can search through. So if you’re looking for something for your little heroes, you can use the family category to see all the family-friendly activities that are around.

As you venture out to explore where no community member has gone before (I had to get at least one Star Trek reference in), remember you can always find more information on our online Event Guide. While our paper version is a great way to check out things quick, the online version provides much more information, links and even a button to add it to your calendars.

So make sure to Be Seen exploring our Event Guide and getting to know our #BRANTastic community! As always, may the Events be with you!