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On the first day of school, when everyone is being asked what they did over the summer break, Nathan Beyerle, Communications-Technology teacher at North Park Collegiate, can proudly say he built a Toronto Architecture model using 800 pieces of Lego. His model is so impressive, the 41 yr old St. George resident decided to submit it to Lego Ideas to be considered for a Lego kit.

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Beyerle chose to make a Toronto Architecture Model because he lived in Toronto for 8 years and loves the city’s architecture. He felt making Toronto as a Lego model would be a good idea since it’s the largest city in Canada, it’s the capital of Ontario, it’s a global city which represents a hub for business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. His model represents a diverse selection of iconic Toronto buildings as well as buildings which represent significant achievements in Canadian architecture. The model includes the Rogers Centre, the CN Tower, First Canadian Place, the Fairmont Royal York, and Toronto City Hall.

In order to be considered for production, ideas for kits first need to be supported by a minimum of 10,000 people. Once ideas reach that mark, they are reviewed to be sold as Lego Model Kits which are sold world-wide.

To support Beyerle’s Lego Idea visit and search for Toronto Architecture. You’ll see it was created by nbeyerle. You can also visit to go directly to his product idea page.