Hope - Make A Wish

Abbey Ball, Terry Summerhays, Simon Jennions and Hope, Ashley Nagel-Otterbein, Sandra Allen, Patrick Riley. On his knees-our friend Shawn Bonnick. – Submitted Photo

Submitted Story – By: Abbey Ball

Hope Jennions a 5 year old girl living with Cystic Fibrosis (the most common Fatal Genetic Disease in Canada) recently received the news that her wish had been granted.

About one month ago she asked the Make-A-Wish Team for a trailer and answered many questions about her passions, likes and dislikes. She was not interested in a trip to Disney Land, Paris, toys or anything of sort, but simply a trailer where she can play games and spend time with her family.

Hope with Friends - Make A Wish

Submitted Photo

We jumped on board immediately loving her idea because of the LIFE LONG gift this will give her. The gift of memories and time.

We don’t know how long Hope will live with CF, but we now can make life-long memories with her in our new trailer thank you to Make-A-Wish Ontario and our local volunteers Ashley Nagel-Otterbein and Sandra Allen, Patrick Riley and the Leisure Days RV Centre in Ayr, to Terri Summerhays and the Remax Twin City Brokerage for being the DONOR of this wish and to all involved who helped make this possible.

Hope's Trailer - Make A Wish

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Due to the nature of her disease Hope often gets sick after travelling on airplanes as well as takes risks staying in hotels due to not knowing who resided prior to her stay. A trailer is a perfect way for her to still see the world yet maintain a clean environment for her health and for the longevity of life.

She was THRILLED to say the least to hear the news about receiving her wish. Everyone went above and beyond providing her with a kid sized pool to clean her Mickey/Feeding Tube while we camp, back to school supplies and many supplies for the trailer including a Welcome mat. We are so excited to start making these priceless memories thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the support involved.