Submitted Media Release

The County of Brant is pleased to recognize three local heroes.

“The County of Brant is a community of people who take care of each other,” said Mayor David Bailey. “We are so pleased to recognize three local heroes, Colin, Josh and Carson, with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Stone family and the County of Brant.”

On September 23, 2020, Colin, 11 years old, Josh, 10 years old and Carson, 8 years old, were walking to a park in Paris, ON. They saw a ladder on the ground and Mr. Stone laying nearby. They knew the man needed help quickly but were also aware of stranger danger safe practices. Colin, Josh and Carson ran to a nearby house of a friend of the family, Christa Martin, and asked her to help Mr. Stone and call 911.

“Colin, Josh and Carson’s quick actions allowed help to arrive,” said Russell King, Director of Paramedic Services. “The boys did the right thing to help Mr. Stone and also keep themselves safe.”

The Stone family is sincerely appreciative of Colin, Josh and Carson for their quick thinking and good deeds.

“I am deeply indebted to Colin, Josh, Carson and Christa, in addition to the two Paramedics who attended to me,” said Joe Stone. “After I fell, I thought I could rise to my feet but after a brief period, I realized I could not. I knew there were no adults out on the street and very few children returning from school. My cellphone was in my vehicle and I could feel my right side rapidly swelling. I was worried about internal injuries.”

Thanks to Colin, Josh and Carson, Brant/Brantford Paramedics arrived to help Mr. Stone.

“The two Paramedics will say they were only doing their job, but taking the time to put the pelvic wrap on may have saved me from a much more serious injury,” said Stone. “I have recently purchased two gold plated ‘Front Line Worker’ coins as a sign of my appreciation for these Paramedics.”

The County of Brant’s Mayor, David Bailey, presented Colin, Josh and Carson with a certificate of appreciation on Thursday October 29, 2020. Way to go Colin, Josh and Carson! We’re proud of you!