Submitted Media Release

The Master Plan for Downtown Paris Open House is taking place on May 29, 2019 at the Paris Fairgrounds (139 Silver, Paris, ON) from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

“Please join us,” said Alison Newton, General Manager of Strategic Initiatives at the County of Brant. “In 2018, we hosted three open houses for residents and business owners. During this time, the project team gathered a lot of valuable information and feedback from the community. The team will now provide an update to the community and outline their recommendations to move forward.”

The Master Plan for Downtown Paris focuses on the long term revitalization and improvement of downtown Paris.

“There are a number of important components of the downtown including sidewalk and crossing improvements, light fixtures, street furniture, parkland features, telecommunications, washrooms, horticultural features, walking trails, benches, and parking lots,” said Newton. “It’s important that we look at the whole picture and develop a comprehensive strategy for downtown Paris.”

The intention of the Master Plan is to prepare a foundation to inform and support the future development and revitalization of Paris’ downtown core. The plan is an innovative approach to integrated, functional, operational and aesthetic values. Vibrant, progressive downtowns are essential for a healthy economy and to maintain an excellent quality of life for residents.

“We are looking forward to this Open House,” said Newton. “We are so appreciative of the residents and business owners who have engaged in this process thus far.”

For more information about the Master Plan for Downtown Paris, please visit or contact Heather Madden, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator for the County of Brant, at 519.449.6324 x 3039 or