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Dr. Onkar Singh, BSc, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals into the blood stream achieving concentrations that are not possible via oral means. One of the greatest limiting factors in getting nutrients into our bodies is how much our digestive tract can absorb at one time. The health of the digestive tract can be negatively impacted by food sensitivities, inflammation, stress, or long term use of antibiotics to name a few. IV therapy bypasses this by allowing nutrients to be given directly into the body via the blood. This is important for those individuals who have chronic digestive concerns and are not absorbing key nutrients because it could lead to symptoms such as: fatigue, headaches, poor immune response, or muscle weakness to name a few.

We offer IV treatments such as high dose Vitamin C (an excellent support for our cancer patients who have undergone chemo treatments). We have designed customized IV formulas to address ailments like: migraines, healing from post surgery, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, and immune issues. For those athletes or sports enthusiasts who need support before a big event or post recovery, we can create the most optimal IV infusion to address either of these scenarios as well.

Every treatment plan is customized to meet the individual’s needs. We welcome you to call our clinic for more information and consider IV therapy to help you towards an optimal level of health.