By: Jason Freeze

Of all the winter months, February is the month that is packed with the most community events. With Valentine’s Day and Family Day nestled in the heart of the month, February has a lot of opportunities for us to love our community.

These events are a great way to connect with our families and lots of other people too. They let us share the experiences of winter fun, tasty food, and supporting our community. These events can even shape our relationships by growing them stronger and creating new ones. As we experience our community, we also add new experiences to our relationships.

While there are many events to go and experience this month, I would like to highlight a few.

To kick things off, St. Leonard’s will be holding their annual Soup Challenge to raise funds for their programs that help many people in our community. They bring a bunch of local restaurants together to warm our tummies and our hearts by supporting the community.

Following this, the City’s annual Family Day activities take to the streets during Frosty Fest. Hosted by Freedom House, this event brings joy to many families as they have some fun in the snow.

And to round things out this month, the annual Chili Willy Cook Off ‎will have friends and family come together to taste many different kinds of chili in a friendly competition that will raise funds to sustain other local events.

There’s something else that’s #BRANTastic with all three of these events too. All of them are located in the heart of our community, Downtown Brantford.

With all the love going around this month, it’ll be hard not to join in the fun. So make sure to go out and experience what our community has to offer! It’s sure to warm your heart!

Remember, you can always find out more event details on our online Event Guide at!