By: Nancy Dow

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Just minutes outside of Brantford, heading towards Paris, you will find a charming, picturesque, old building reminiscent of a late 1800’s school house. What now fills the old school house is a fine-dining restaurant and piano bar.

The Moyle School was built on the corner of Paris Road and Powerline Road in 1911. It was originally named after Mr. William Moyle who was the landowner at the time. Later in 1964, the school was closed, but then in 1981 it was transformed into the restaurant it is today.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Even as The Olde School restaurant enters its 36th year of service, it is still full of nostalgic photos and school memorabilia of the years past. Desks, telephones, vintage lamps, stained glass windows and globes all add to the sentimentality of the theme.

The classic menu that regulars know well, offers superior options in a fine dining manner but also offer a more relaxed lunch time selection. Appetizers, soups and salads can be a light choice of their own for a quick stop in for your time-sensitive lunch. You could also choose from the “Principal’s” choices like salmon, chicken, roast beef and liver all with accompanying sides or from the “Teacher’s” choices that are classic lunchtime sandwiches, burgers and chicken fingers.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Reservations are highly recommended but not always required. With seven different themed dining rooms, the seating areas are generous in size allowing accommodations for tables of two or large parties.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

The charming atmosphere of the evening piano bar could be the perfect dining experience for a date night or a fine dining evening out. The classy, nightly entertainment can easily be heard throughout the restaurant without over-powering the conversation or interrupting the evening.

The restaurant is also easily able to accommodate larger groups for special events and celebratory occasions. Business meetings, birthday parties, anniversaries and even weddings are all common gatherings at this local landmark.

There are several meal options for serving at the group reservations, but you are also able to adjust the menu to suit your budget. The typical meal includes homemade soup of the day or Chefs greens to start, along with homemade breads, potatoes, vegetables to be served alongside of your main course. The delectable mains are a few of the house staples on the regular menu such as prime rib, chicken cordon bleu, pickerel and pasta primavera. After you have had your fill of the large portion mains you will be served the dessert of the day to finish it all off.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

If you have personally visited the restaurant you may have noticed a small little placard on an individual chair. Did you take a moment to read it?

Her Majesty
The Queen
Dined Here
June 28,1997

Photo by: Jason Freeze

The Iliopoulos’ had the pleasure of seating the Queen for a lunch along with 42 young achievers from across Ontario. I clearly remember lining up on the other side of the road trying to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty dressed in bright yellow along with what must have been several-hundred other people.

The long-standing proprietorship on this local Brantford/Paris feature makes its presence known. Many visitors can attest to Gus greeting them at the front door, many known by name. Generations of families gather for good times and special occasions while new visitors leave wanting to come back. The attentive, professional and friendly staff along with well prepared large portions of food will ensure you enjoy your visit, be it one of many or for your first.

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