By: Nancy Dow

On a quiet Sunday, mid-afternoon we walk into The Bent King. At the front of the house there is barely an empty seat. All tables are full. Full of people, full of games, full of food and full of laughter. From kids at one table to adults at another, and everyone else in between, it seems to be a popular gathering place.

On one side, the restaurant seating is open and inviting, on the other side -Alternate Icons- a local comic and collectibles shop is against the far wall with shelving FULL of games. An estimation of close to 400 to choose from.

Stepping up to the counter you are greeted with friendly and enthusiastic staff. Patrick and Adam are the driving forces behind this unique eat-and-play spot located in Brantford’s Downtown Core. For a $3 table fee or a donation to the Food Bank you can stay and play for hours using any of the hundreds of games.

High importance is placed on local. Supporting local charities and groups along with local ingredients and drinks. Working with meats from Strodes, locally sourced vegetables and using local bread you are sure to be served some amazing creations.

The menu has been created with foods that can easily be handled and will create the least amount of mess as possible. Grease free sandwiches, wraps, antojitos and specials are all designed in shareable amounts and pieces.

Creativity in their kitchen shines through. You are offered fresh meats and vegetables to add to your basics which insures it is fresh and never frozen as you order. Delicious rotating and seasonal menu items like Campfire Smores Crème Brule, Iced Mocha with whip, caramel and chocolate sauce, cheesecakes with delectable toppings and giant waffles with fresh fruits and whip are sure to satisfy. But be sure to get these treats before they are gone!

Although it’s a great idea to sit and eat you could also stay and play awhile with a simple cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The Bent King was chosen to be an exclusive establishment in Brantford to serve fresh brewed Balzacs coffee. Local to Ancaster, Balzacs Roastery offers fair trade, organic certified beans and was featured and bought into by two of the Dragons Den TV show members.

Along with coffee, hot chocolate, pops and juices, The Bent King is currently in the process of obtaining their liquor license. While still holding to the family friendly atmosphere, the Café Lounge is aiming to support local breweries and wineries with some well known Southern Ontario brewers already on board for a casual enjoyment drink while you play.

While the Café is great for meeting up with friends, there is also several groups that hold weekly meet ups to play various games. Super Smash Bros. tournaments are held by the Bell City Smash Club every Sunday afternoon. If you are learning about the game or you are an already experienced player, the group will welcome you to join in and play.

Another popular game with the regulars is Dungeons and Dragons. Every Saturday evening you are invited to join in on this imaginative, problem solving, monster fighting, role playing game.

The back room of the restaurant is quickly becoming a popular party location. Along with the weekly groups, the establishment has been approved by the city for a 100 person capacity. This space is perfect to hold a birthday party for young and old alike as well as any local groups looking to hold events of any sort. The kitchen can serve up a catering style menu for any of your event needs and is known for delivering platters to Lansdowne Children’s Centre, the local University and other various community events.

Also operating out of the Café Lounge is Brantford’s well known Alternate Icons shop. With boxes upon boxes of comics to choose from along with trading cards and popular TV and movie action figures, there is a collectible for everyone.

The Bent King is sure to impress. A meeting place for friends, a day out with family, a collectible lover’s dream, or just for a quick lunch. This local eatery is quickly gaining popularity with gamers and non-gamers alike.

The Bent King is a fantastic addition to the city and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!