Quesada - Burrito

Photo by: Jason Freeze

By: Jason Freeze

Mexican cuisine seems to be on the rise lately. With food shows on TV and an increased food awareness, many people are enjoying Mexican dishes more and more these days. So its no wonder why Quesada opened up in Brantford about a year ago.

Quesada Burritos and Tacos is a Canadian franchise based in Toronto and offers a fresh, Mexican flavour to people in about 125 communities across the country. Local franchise owner, Tash Patel, first opened a Quesada location in Woodstock five years ago. He said that he likes working with Quesada as they’re a good franchise to work for. He personally likes Mexican food too -now eating a burrito a day- and saw that it was a growing trend. So he decided to open up his first location in Woodstock. And then in August of 2018, he opened his second location here on Lynden Rd in the Lococo plaza.

Quesada - Tash Serving

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Seeing that many people love Mexican food, Quesada delivers those authentic Mexican flavours that people are looking for. They offer in-house made salsas and guacamole -which are made everyday- and fresh toppings cut in-house. Their meats are all seasoned in-house and Quesada even boasts of being the first Mexican franchise in Canada to offer beyond meat too.

As you can imagine, their burritos are well liked among guests, but specifically their spicy chicken burrito is the most popular item. Tash says, “onion, cilantro with their jalapeno paprika mayo sauce makes for a great combo.” He personally likes a fully loaded burrito with all the toppings though. But whatever your tastes, they can create your own flavourful burrito!

Besides their burritos, Quesada also offers up some other great foods like: nachos, churros with caramel or Nutella, burrito bowls, tortilla salads, tacos, and quesadillas. All of which can be topped with your favourite items. They even have a variety of gluten free items, vegetarian and vegan options as well. Plus, their chicken is certified Halal too. They are also offering wild cod as a featured item up until August 28th as well.

Quesada - Veggies

Photo by: Jason Freeze

On top of their regular items, they have some options for the kids, and they do catering too. They have a great array of foods ready for office groups, or parties. For more information on their catering options, make sure to check out their menu in store or online.

Along with their authentic foods, they also have traditional Mexican drinks like Agua Fresca and Mexican pops.

Tash and his team are certainly looking forward to celebrating their first anniversary this month. They’re very thankful to all their patrons for coming in and supporting them. Before, some people had been able to try out their food in other communities, and now that they’re open in Brantford, they have continued to support them here as well. And since opening a year ago, they’ve had even more people come out and enjoy their food. “Brantford has given us a good response, so thanks for coming out!”

Quesada - Happy Customer

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Tash is excited to be working in our community and is looking forward to getting out there more. During their Grand Opening in October of last year, they participated in a fundraiser for the YMCA were $1 from each burrito sale went toward the fundraiser. They have sponsored local hockey teams in Woodstock and are looking to do more here and, in September, they’re looking forward to Taco Fest in Harmony Square as well.

As Tash mentioned, they offer a great combination of food with a personal touch. So if you’re looking for an authentic taste of Mexico with great, personalized service, make sure to head on over to Quesada Brantford at 175 Lynden Road. They’re open most days, except Christmas and Boxing Day, from 11am until 9pm or 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. And if you can’t make it out to the store, you can always get delivery too!

For more information, you can head on over to their website at www.quesada.ca and enjoy the food!