Owner Ben of Positano's

Owner Ben of Positano’s – Photo by: Jason Freeze

By: Jason Freeze

When you think of wine, what do you think of? Maybe sitting back and relaxing. Enjoying the subtle flavours of a nice red or white wine. Or maybe a beautiful vineyard in Italy. Well that’s the kind of image that Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods wants to bring to mind with their ‘make-your-own’ craft wines.

The business first opened their doors in 2002, with Ben purchasing the business in 2009. The Positano region of Italy is a very beautiful region and is know for tourism and of course wine. So in honour of the destination and their wine-making charm, Ben changed the name to Positano’s in 2011.

Making Wine at Positano's

Making Wine at Positano’s – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Along with the destination comes the experience that wine brings. Many people enjoy wine for its many varieties and flavours as well as its connection to our cultural heritage. Ben himself enjoys the ‘wine experience,’ which is why he got into the business. Through Positano’s he’s able to provide a great product with a wide range of varieties to his customers.

Ben also takes time to make sure you get the right flavour of wine for your tastes as well. With over 75 types of grapes (or varieties) he can help you select the best choice for you.

Positano's - Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles at Positano’s – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Once you’ve picked out your favourite flavour, then the wine creation begins! It’s actually quite easy to do as all the ‘heavy lifting’ is done for you. They handle the brewing process and once it’s done, all you need to do is help to bottle and label your wine. Then you’ll have about 30 bottles of wine to sip and savour!

The process of making your own wine tends to be a much gentler method that appeals to people with allergies as well. For example, all of the wines are gluten free and are made with the filtered water provided at the store. Making your own wine has some other great benefits too. You can create the perfect gift, have a batch made for a wedding or special event, and it can save you money.

Another great thing about Positano’s is that they’re always looking to provide the best for their customers. Which is why they started making beers in February of 2019. Ben has 10 different styles of beer from a Blond Lager to Double Oatmeal Stout. All of his beers are created in a similar manner with no additives and are all-grain products.

Merchandise at Positano's

Products Available at Positano’s – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Along with the various craft wines and beers, Ben has a number of accessories and gourmet food products available as well. There are many Italian related items such as vinegars, oils and olives. Plus, he has an array of sauces, glasses, fun wine magnets, and even aprons.

So if you’re looking for an amazing wine experience without having to travel to Italy, then head on over to Positano’s Brantford. Just as long as you plan ahead, you can have a great craft wine and beer experience of your own.

For more information or to start creating your own beer or wine, head on over to Positano’s at 250 King George Road and chat with Ben. www.positanowine.com