By: Jason Freeze

Have you ever heard the saying that content is king? Well, at Positano’s they have a similar saying: “Wine is Prime.”

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Throughout history, wine has played an important role. From religious ceremonies to high-class occasions, and even just plain guzzling, wine has been around us and consumed for thousands of years. More recently though, our culture has taken wine through a renaissance. With craft wineries, and professional wine makers, this beverage has expanded in flavours and stature over the centuries.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of wines for various occasions and it’s a great beverage that connects family and friends. Wine is a great gift idea, shared during fun times and can be a key component to your special occasion. Which is why “Wine is Prime.” Wine is just so versatile and widely enjoyed and shared by people.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

This is partly why owner, Ben Kleinsasser, runs Positano’s. Ben is certainly a wine lover and connoisseur. He enjoys exploring the various flavours and types of wine that’s around. Then uses his knowledge to help find some great wines for his customers.

Positano’s isn’t just a simple make your own place. It’s like a craft winery. People can come in and select their own wines which is specially prepared to create a great taste. Positano’s is a commercial, small-scale winery. They have all the tools there, it’s all user-friendly and Ben can help you out throughout the process.

One of the more interesting parts of creating your own wines is that you can be a part of that creation. First of all, you’re the one to select your particular wine and flavour. They have a wide variety of wines available to choose from. They have full bodied reds, crisp whites, fruity summer wines, and even a number of dessert wines.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Once you know what you want to create, then you can start the fermentation process. Each kit comes with all the ingredients that you’ll need and Ben will help you put it all together. But it’s an interesting process and you can help mix everything together and truly create your own wine.

After it’s all mixed and created, you’ll just have to wait. It might not be an exciting part of the process, but the wines have to ferment for about 4-8 weeks depending on your type of wine. But by the time it’s done, your anticipation will have risen as it won’t be long until you get to taste your new wine!

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Once it’s ready, you can come in to bottle your wine. If you’re new to the process, Ben will help you out and show you how to fill and cork the bottles. But many of his customers are repeat wine makes and can bottle their wine just as quick as Ben.

Now that your wine is ready and bottled, the best part is about to start. You get to enjoy your wine and share it with others! Ben does recommend that you let the wine age for a couple of months though. This helps to create a better flavour that will have you wanting more.

Making your own wine can be a great idea for weddings, events and even businesses who want to share the wine experience and save some money compared to commercial wines. Ben has many people come in wanting to create some wine for weddings or events. So he always reminds people to make sure they plan ahead. Making your own wine can be a great idea, but you’ll need some time to make sure it ferments and ages to its best flavour.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Besides creating your wine, Positano’s also offers a wide range of wine products and accessories. They can help make your own labels, they have a number of wine glasses available, and have a bunch of amusing wine related magnets.

They also have some additional products that will pair well with your wines. They have many varieties of coffee pods, other local vendors like The Jelly Girls, some sauces, and even some cured meats. All of which are great gift ideas.

So for all your gift giving delight and wine tasting pleasure, make sure to head on over to Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods at 250 King George Road in Brantford. They’re sure to offer a great wine experience that’ll have you coming back to make some more! For more information, you can visit their website at: