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By: Jason Freeze

The anticipation inside Our Kitchen Brantford is growing and growing with every day! Everyone is excited to see the space actually coming together after such a long period of planning and construction. But soon, the shared, commercial kitchen space will be completed and everyone will be able to get things going.

Owner Cathy Ferrar and her team are just so excited for everything to actually get going. She said, “We really want to get out in the community and start having fun.” Referring to actually being able to make use of their shared kitchen space and to get more people involved with their project.

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Our Kitchen Brantford is really a fairly simple solution to a problem that many local chefs, bakers and foodies have been experiencing for awhile. Many people want to create some tasty treats, cook a fabulous meal for their catering clients, or teach some cooking classes. But there are very few spaces where they can do this. In order for people to start up or grow their businesses, they need a place with better access and availability, but many can’t open their own kitchens. So the idea of creating a shared commercial kitchen was the perfect solution.

Cathy had experienced this situation first hand. Her other business, The Jelly Girls creates locally sourced jams and jellies with some interesting flavours. But she’s always had a difficult time making her products because she needs a commercial kitchen. Luckily, she’s been able to rent out kitchens around the area, but its still been a pain as she has to drag in all her ingredients and jars and then haul them back out when she’s finished. Which was the inspiration to create Our Kitchen Brantford.

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The kitchen which is located at 20 Roy Blvd, Unit 34, is fully equipped with an array of items, appliances, and four main work stations. It won’t be exactly like a retail location; however, they do have an event space in the front where people will be able to drop off and pick up items and food. They’ve already been able to host some small parties and a mini market out front. Plus, they’re looking at serving some food from the members as a daily lunch special when they get going.

The team at Our Kitchen Brantford is excited to bring in more members to their group. They’re open to a wide variety of people and businesses who need to use the space and to cook up some delicious foods. In order to get involved, you must have your Food Handlers Certificate and Insurance. After this initial check, you can pick your level of membership. They have created a number of levels depending on your needs like availability and storage. Then you book in your time and start creating!

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Cathy and her team are certainly looking forward to bringing in new members very shortly. They’ve already had lots of interest and a number of businesses have already joined them. Some of the members include: The Jelly Girls, Cookies Etc., Ellen’s Appetizing Treats, Teas & Toast, Bistro Vie, Helen’s Hungarian Kitchen, Manna Brazilian Cheese Puffs, and even Chef Francais who teaches cooking classes in French.

There’s certainly lots of buzz starting around the food community about this great new space. And Cathy and her team are certainly excited to share in the experience and help build business together. They’re hoping to host a meet and greet type event to showcase the space, so stay tuned for the date. And make sure to keep them on your radar as there will be even more events popping up as things take off.

With a great event space, and a huge kitchen out back with lots of appliances and storage, there’s sure to be some great foods being cooked up soon. For more information you can chat with Cathy herself or Roxanne Girdlestone and Caity Ferrar the Kitchen Managers. Plus, you can check out their website at

Address: 20 Roy Blvd. Unit 34 – Phone: 519-757-6527