Our Kitchen Brantford LogoBy: Jason Freeze

Our Kitchen Brantford has been an exciting addition to our community. If you haven’t heard yet, they are a collection of chefs, bakers and overall great food makers that create their meals and unique foods inside of this shared kitchen space.

The project was the brain-child of Cathy Ferrar who owns The Jelly Girls. After having to continually seek out kitchen space and then keep carrying everything back and forth, she decided she needed a kitchen to call home. So she created Our Kitchen Brantford to help local chefs and entrepreneurs by giving them that ‘home base’ feeling.

Our Kitchen Brantford Event

Book Signing Event at OKB – Photo by: Jason Freeze

And within the short time that they’ve been open, Our Kitchen Brantford has seen lots of success as well as shared in many successes with their members. By having a place to call home, their members have been able to step up their businesses and have a better chance to prosper and grow.

Cathy told me about Candace of Bistro Vie, who has expanded so much that she now needs her own place. She is looking at reopening a restaurant in Dundas, but will still be working with OKB and will offer pick up of her food for our community. Another business called Move Free Beverages has also been able to grow and expand their operations. So much so, that they are opening their own place too!

Our Kitchen Brantford Members

Members at OKB – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Cathy is also happy for the many members that have been able to call OKB their home. Chef Tom Hall of White Rabbit and Chef Jeulz are just a couple of the members that have joined the group and created a wonderful atmosphere of creativity and food.

With all this success and exciting happenings, its hard to imagine that anything else can go on, but they still want to do more! The group is always excited to gain new members and they want to start expanding into providing more instruction classes and seminars. Instructors and classes are in high demand lately and OKB wants to offer more classes for kids, adults, groups, and organizations.

Cathy also wants to remind people that the Kitchen is not just about chefs or professionals. Everyone is welcome in her kitchen! And the space up front is perfect for parties, get-togethers, cooking nights and other fun activities. They’ve had great successes with ladies groups, a book launch, paint nights, and everything in between.

Since they’ve opened, many of the members have joined together in showcasing their talents during the monthly Night Market events too. For the first Friday of each month, guests are welcomed into the Kitchen to taste and savour some delicious foods and treats created by the members. And many people have also enjoyed the lunch foods they offer on a regular basis as well.

Our Kitchen Brantford Food

Lunch From OKB – Submitted Photo

With Christmas and the Holidays just around the corner, everyone is gearing up to provide some great foods for the Holiday Season! People are encouraged to come in and order right away. Otherwise, you can connect with them online through their website and Facebook account. So if you’re looking for some great local treats and foods, or even someone to cater your event, make sure to get in touch with Our Kitchen Brantford. On top of this, if you’re looking for a great space to host your Holiday events, come out and have a fun party in the Kitchen!

Cathy is certainly excited to have the community come out and enjoy the Kitchen. Whether you’re a baker, chef, party host, or connoisseur of tasty foods, Our Kitchen Brantford is the place to be. So make sure to stop by and join in the local success of this amazing kitchen experience.

For more information you can visit them at 20 Roy Blvd, Unit 34 or check them out online at www.ourkitchenbrantford.ca.