By: Nancy Dow

Originally published in October 2017

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What started as a casual conversation quickly turned a 30 year love affair for chocolate into a booming business. Opening a shop in a great location in West Brant just made sense for store owners, Annette Savoie and Laszlo Polyak. “It’s home.”

Creating a top quality product in the shop is an important feature. As soon as you step through the door you can smell the rich, intense classic chocolate. Unlike purchasing a typical bar at the store, the high quality ingredients used here stand out. Although there are too many delicious items to mention, a few like the classic bark, chocolate dipped items like pretzel sticks and cookies, and the individual filled chocolates and truffles are highly noticeable.

Being treated with a sampling of a coffee and a raspberry truffle, I had more of an experience than just a bite. Savouring the creamy centres encased in a true cocoa powder, these are flavours that linger. The delightfully complex essence of these chocolates are truly gratifying.

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The experience is one that Le Chocolat is looking to further explore. With tasting tours and specialty parings including wine, beer and food, coming to the shop it will not be your average visit. Through the tours and special events, you will be able to view and gain insight on the production of treats from the raw form following through to the end result. The pairings will delve into the world of how matching the correct ingredients and food together create a lavish treat for your senses.

If you are looking to treat yourself there are a number of items around the shop for decadent snacking that will be sure to satisfy. Creamy peanut butter cups, Bruxelles mix, chocolate covered marshmallows and sponge candy will all hit your sweet tooth. During the different seasons, you can pick up specialty items like caramel apples, chocolate Santas, dipped strawberries, Easter bunnies, or you can even pop in for hostess gifts.

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The ‘Le Chocolat’ experience is not only for your tasting pleasure but it also makes for fantastic gift giving. The shop is currently decorated in the beautiful oranges and reds of fall with fun Hallowe’en themed ghosts and ghouls but with fall comes the gentle reminder that gift giving season is just around the corner. Annette is able to help you create the perfect package for any gift giving occasion. From a few simple gift bags or a small assortment of boxed chocolates to large and extravagant baskets there is a perfect chocolatey gift for everyone. By customizing the package for your individual needs and budget, you can construct the perfect package for your event or gift.

Each perfect package can be designed to fit in any size packaging along with matching ribbons or bows for baby showers, weddings, Christmas presents or even corporate gifting. Along with themed shaped chocolates and matching colours, your guests or recipients will be delighted!

Le Chocolat has created a community minded shop welcoming you with open arms and excitement into their delicious world of high quality chocolate. Their friendly, knowledgeable and creative staff will help you with all of your gifting needs this upcoming Holiday season. So take a delightful trip to Le Chocolat!

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