Photo by: Jason Freeze

By: Jason Freeze

Many people seem to be fascinated by chocolate. So much so that it has penetrated into our culture so diversely that we use chocolate in many of our foods, we give it as gifts, and we even have holidays seemingly revolve around this delectable treat. We just can’t seem to get enough of that bitter-sweet taste and velvety texture.

But have you ever wondered why? Or wondered how chocolate is made and where it comes from? Well now there’s a great, local opportunity to find out!

Chocolate Tasting Group

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Located in the Sobey’s plaza at 320 Colborne St. West, Le Chocolat du Savoie has been serving up some of that delectable chocolate to many locals for a few years now. Owners Annette and Laszlo use quality Belgian chocolate to create many treats that line the shelves of their store. Annette has been in the chocolate business for many years and has an experienced background with making chocolate treats. So, she decided to share some of her knowledge by creating a Chocolate Tasting Tour.

Their fun Chocolate Tasting Tour is great for people who love chocolate and want to discover more about it. This intimate tour offers people a chance to learn some interesting facts as well as taste some different kinds of chocolate along the way.

Owner Annette

Photo by: Jason Freeze

For this article, I got to join in on one of their tours and experience chocolate in a new light. From the start you’re greeted at the door and welcomed into the shop. There’s plenty to see and lots of treats to explore. After a look around the store, guests get an interactive look at how chocolate is made, which in some respects is very similar to that of coffee production.

As you pass ‘through the ages’ and history of chocolate making, you get to see the different forms chocolate has taken throughout the years. It was fascinating to hear the different stories and it was interesting to learn that cocoa beans were used as a form of currency at one point.

Chocolate Items

Photo by: Jason Freeze

At various stages of our tour we also had the chance to sample some delicious chocolate. And if you didn’t know, there is a specific way to taste quality chocolate. You need to let it melt in your mouth, which will give that second bite an even more pronounced flavour. Along with a selection of dark, milk and white chocolate, we were also treated with some samples of their chocolate creations.

Overall, the tour was very insightful and we all had a fun time asking questions and enjoying the treats!

Chocolate Treats

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Tours can be booked for groups of about 8 to 12 people and is $8 per person. They’re ideal for bridal groups, corporate groups, vacationers and visitors and the regular chocolate lover. Guests can either book in their own tours or join in with a group too. For more information, you can visit their website at:

For those everyday chocoholics you can always come in to check out the store and pick out your favourite treats. Right on time for wedding season, Annette and her team can also provide some great wedding favours and gifts.

If you find yourself craving to learn more, and wondering why Belgian chocolate is so good, then book in your own Chocolate Tasting Tour with your friends and family. You’re sure to have a scrumptious time!