By: Jason Freeze

It’s been a little over a year now since the owners John and Amy took over at King’s Buffet. It took a little while to get things sorted out and to get used to things, but they’ve got things sorted out and settled now.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

The first year of a business is always tough. Team members have to get to know each other, things have to be organized and you start learning more and more to make things better. Now that their first year is under their belts, they’re looking forward to getting more things going and to keep improving on their business.

The couple has been in the industry already with over 10 years of experience. They decided to take a few years off since then, but have gotten back into the restaurant business again. John loves the industry and has grown up in the food business. He started helping out at his family’s Chinese restaurant when he was young and still enjoys the challenge of the business and of course cooking.

Amy’s passion comes from interacting with the customers. Even as we were chatting, Amy took time to check in with the customers and chat with them about their meals. Afterward she said, “We get a lot of nice people in here and we like getting to know them. Lots of people are regular customers. They have their favourite place to sit and we get to know what they like and get to know them.”

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Many of their customers are seniors with some coming in groups and many of them coming in regularly. Amy and John are very appreciative of their support, so they decided to start their new Super Senior Wednesday promotion. Seniors can come in on Wednesdays for an all day special of $11.99.

Amy and John like giving back whenever they can. Providing great service to people and supporting local people and organizations is important to them. This past year they’ve helped out by raising money for the Community Charity Airshow and Brant United Way, plus they’ve helped out by catering the Chinese Village.

They also like helping out by providing a space for groups, clubs and families to gather and enjoy some great food. Many people build traditions and come on a regular basis to celebrate family occasions or anniversaries. The space at King’s Buffet is great for businesses, clubs or sports teams to gather as well. With large dining rooms and a private room, they can host many different functions and guests. If you’re looking for a spot for your group, ask about their group specials and how they can help make your event special.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Being a buffet, they always have a wide variety of food available for everyone to enjoy. Their salad bar is full of many great starters from potato salad to pickles. Their sushi bar is always full of some delightful flavours. Their mains comprise a wide array of foods from the traditional Chinese foods to the popular prime rib and mashed. And if you have any room left, they also have a multitude of sweet treats like their ice creams and pies.

Amy said that some of their more popular dishes are the beef with pepper in black bean sauce, General Tao chicken, and seafood items. Personally, John likes chicken balls. They’re a Chinese tradition and it’s important to make sure they’re tender and juicy. John’s favourite food to make are stir fries. He likes working with a Wok and preparing the healthy dish.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

Most importantly, Amy and John want people to come and enjoy the food. They hope that they appreciate their food and what they’re doing, and they want people to feel welcome at King’s Buffet Brantford.

Starting this year, there are a few changes to the menu and Amy and John have been able to reorganize and reduce the prices. So make sure to come in and sample the their new menu!

There are a couple of big events this month too. February 5th marks the Chinese New Year and Amy and John are excited for you to come and celebrate with them! Then Valentine’s day comes up in the middle of the month. So come on out and share a special meal with your special person.

If you’re looking for a great meal to share with your family, friends or group, come on out to King’s Buffet Brantford at 175 Lynden Rd in Brantford. For more information, you can check them out online at or give them a call at 519-753-0600.