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By: Jason Freeze

When you think of great, local food, where do you think of? There’s certainly a lot to choose from in our community. Depending on your tastes, you could go to your favourite steak place, or a healthy meal. But when it comes to comfort food, Goo’s Take Out and Catering can certainly dish out what you’re craving.

Situated right across from Assumption College in the TD plaza at 230 Shellard Lane, Goo’s is owned and operated by Rajeev (Goo) Jilka, and has been a staple of West Brant for nine years now. The restaurant business is certainly no cake walk, so having been open for nine years is quite a feat. But there’s a big reason for their longevity and success: providing some great food.

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Over the years, Goo’s has become well known for a number of their menu items. From their mouth-watering burgers to their creative poutines, Goo’s can deliver on some great comfort foods. Even on the healthier side of their menu, they can provide some tasty items that’ll have you coming back for more. The flavours and items offered at Goo’s are all the staples you know and enjoy, but with a slight twist. This makes for some awesome tastes and a great array of dishes that you’re sure to enjoy.

One of their more interesting items is their Chicken Skins. “You get the best reactions out of the Chicken Skins. You get the ‘ooo’s and awww’s’ as people try it,” said Rajeev. Some of his own favourites include the Sweet Chili Wrap or the burgers. “You can never go wrong with one of my burgers. I eat a few of those a week.” And one of the best things about all of their food is that everything is made fresh, right in front of you.

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After being in business for nine years, you get an in-depth knowledge about your customers and their tastes. So Rajeev will be tweaking his menu slightly to keep things fresh and in line with his customers’ tastes. One of biggest additions that he’s excited to share is the hand battered, Fried Chicken Sandwich. Rajeev joked, “chicken sandwiches go well at other places, but we’re gonna be just a bit better!” Other changes include a veggie gravy and a switch to buffalo style wings.

Rajeev wants to remind people to stay tuned to his social media accounts as well He’s going to be posting up some specials and contests coming soon. Plus, they’re also going to be showcasing their menu updates. So keep an eye out for some exciting reveals!

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One of the other reasons why Goo’s has been so successful is their community approach. Goo’s has always given back to the community in various ways. Through sponsorships, catering events or getting involved with big events like the Chili Willy Cook Off, Goo’s has always looked toward helping out our community. Their products and produce are also locally sourced and their family run shop is staffed by some great local people too. Goo’s not only supports community, but has a down-to-earth, family feel. Their customers are also friends and they strike up conversations as they enter the door.

With some great foods and welcoming feel, there’s no wonder that Goo’s has been in business so long. Rajeev is thankful for all his customers and suppliers for all their support throughout the years. And if you haven’t tried out their food yet, make sure to head on over or call for delivery!

So the next time you’re craving some awesome, local food, make sure to head on down to Goo’s. They’re sure to cook you up a mouth-watering meal!