Giles Catering LogoBy: Jason Freeze – Published March 2020

When you’re looking for a caterer, what do you look for? Maybe you ask your friends, check out their online reviews, or maybe see which one has the prettiest photos on Facebook. But ultimately, you need to try out their food. Which is why Giles Catering goes the extra mile and offers individual tastings for his customers.

Giles Catering - Main Course

Marschal serves his main course – Photo by: Jason Freeze

When owner Marschal and I got together for this interview, he actually surprised me with one of his individual tastings. Usually, these tastings are geared toward weddings so the table was set up with fancy linens and tableware. Marschal offered up some of his popular meal items for our tasting, but is always happy to work with you on your own tastes and ideas.

For our mock tasting session, we started out with samples of Caesar and Chef salad. Some other popular salads that are regularly requested include pasta, potato and broccoli salads. Following this, he offered up a wonderful dinner including Rosemary Chicken, garlic mashed potatoes with fresh dill, Beef Tenderloin au jus, roasted vegetables and asparagus. And to top it all off was a slice of Cherry Cheesecake.

Giles Catering - Charcuterie Boards

Some Charcuterie Boards from Giles Catering – Submitted Photo

Although this was just a sample menu, Marschal still takes great care in how he prepares his food. He also takes great care in how he works with his guests and customers as well. Which is why he decided to offer these sample tastings. He explained, “I could put on a bride tasting with 20 people here but it’s not personal. A lot of it is sitting down to chat with them. It might take longer to go through the process, but it’s a higher quality result and I get to know exactly what they want.”

That crucial need for quality has spread throughout his entire business. From sitting with customers to pre-planning events, and making everything fresh, Marschal makes sure that each event is the best it can be. He commented that, “You have to be constantly organized. Sometimes it takes days to prep for a big event.”

Giles Catering - Tacos

Taco Display from Giles Catering – Submitted Photo

A big part of that planning and organizational support comes from his wife. Marschal and his wife both used to work in the restaurant industry. While Marschal has 18 years of experience being a chef, his wife keeps things going with ‘Front of House’ duties, managing staff, working on tables and of course helping to keep things organized. Family is a big thing for Marschal, especially as the catering industry can be hard with long hours. He’s grateful for his family and is excited that he can start to share his business with his kids as they’re getting older now.

After 18 years in the food industry, Marschal decided it was time to take a bit of a step back to see what exactly he wanted to do next. He had enjoyed working as chef, but wanted to re-ignite his passion for food on his own terms. So two years ago he started Giles Catering. And through his business, he could do things his own way and offer guests a comfortable and caring connection with exciting and delectable food options.

Giles Catering - Donut Display

Dessert Display by Giles Catering – Submitted Photo

Even though its only been two years, Giles Catering has already seen many successes and has helped to provide great food for many events. Marschal has been at community events such as Handbags for Hospice and Taste of Glenhyrst. He’s had an amazing and packed Holiday season this past December, and he’s already booking weddings into 2021.

Besides catering to big events and weddings, he can also help you with family functions, corporate events and work parties, funerals, lunches and even buffet settings. He’s pretty open to helping people with all kinds of events and foods.

Along with his family, Marschal is thankful to the Knights of Columbus Hall where he rents out the kitchen. They have been great to work with and is grateful for the opportunity to use their kitchen. Marschal is also thankful to all of his guests and customers for all their support and for helping to grow the business.

So if you’re looking for someone to cater an amazing event with great food, then look no further than Giles Catering. He’s happy to sit down and chat to help you with your own special event!

For more information, you can check out his Website & Facebook Page @GilesCatering or email him at: