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LIVE YOUR DESTINY – Destiny’s Voluntary Care Community/Project/Program/Network/Initiative/Facility/ Fund/Foundation/Trust – the great equalizer – because absolutely everyone needs care at some point in life – no discrimination allowed we are all equal here – enabling others to live with the focus on self love and care. Facilitate freedom and fun through radical duty responsibility and accountability systems. Enabling clear communication – creating common ground qualified through syntax and grammar contract concord intended for shameless self promotion. What do you need? What do you have? What can you offer? Let us work together to build the world we want to see.
The voluntary care platform is designed to be free and flexible to accommodate for the individual’s personal needs and capabilities while considering and maintaining their personal autonomy. Free will should always be granted to every individual so long as there is no harm done. Independence should always be foremost. This is for anyone who needs any kind of care. Services needed and services offered should be posted so that people are able to connect based on needs are being met. on a voluntary basis.

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