Submit an Event

Submit Event

When you’re ready to submit your event, scroll down past the instructions and start completing the form in the ‘Submit Your Event’ section on this page.

Event Name

Please ONLY include the event name here and not location or other information.

Event End Date/Time

If there is no particular end time for your event, please leave ‘event end date/time’ blank.  Click ‘no end time’ so it says ‘YES’.  Then your event will only have a start date and time.

All Day Event

If your event spans an entire day, click ‘all day event’ so it says ‘YES’. Your event will now only have a start date and end date. Please make sure to still enter the start and end dates.

Repeating Events

You can click ‘this is a repeating event’ so it says ‘YES.’

Choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly from the Event Repeat Type.

Gap Between Repeats

If you choose weekly repeat and 2 for the gap between repeats, your event will be shown on the original start date you entered e.g. Oct. 1 and on Oct. 15.  If you want it to be weekly, monthly or daily, please leave the ‘gap between repeats’ counter at 1 e.g. daily and gap between repeats as 1 – the original date of Oct. 1 and Oct. 2.

Number of Repeats

If you have a weekly event and you want it to repeat for a month that contains 4 weeks on that particular day of the week, then choose 3 for ‘number of repeats’.  E.g. it will show the original event start date of Feb. 1 and 3 weekly repeats on Feb. 8, 15 & 22

Your Full Name and Your Email Address

This is contact information for the specific person submitting the event and not the company or organization you may work for or represent.  You will receive an email saying your event has been submitted successfully and another when your event has been posted.  This information will NOT appear with the event post on the BScene website.

Event Details

In this section, you can include a short description, your contact information, cost of tickets and how to obtain them (e.g. a phone number, email address, website or facebook link, location).

Event Location Fields

Click the down arrow or the ‘select saved locations’ box and click an existing one in the list.  If you click in the ‘select saved locations’ box and start typing the location, it will take you to that part of the list.  Note: the names of many locations are in the list after the ones beginning with a numbered address.  Both the location name and address will appear in the event post on the website if you choose a location name.

If your location is NOT in the list either under the street address or location name, click the ‘create new’ button. Enter the ‘location name’ e.g. Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, ‘location address’ – street, city, province and postal code can be entered here, and ‘event location link’ e.g. if you know it.

Event Organizer Fields

Click the down arrow or ‘select saved organizers’ box and click an existing one in the list.  If you click in the ‘select saved organizers’ box and start typing the organizer name, it will take you to that part of the list.  This information is the organization or company and sometimes an individual organizing the event.  This contact information will appear with the event post on the BScene website.

If your event organizer is NOT in the list, click the ‘create new’ button.  Then enter the ‘event organizer’ (normally an organization and not a person), ‘event organizer contact information’ can be a phone number or email address, event organizer address (street, city, province & postal code if known) and event organizer link (e.g. website or facebok page).

Learn More Link

You can include a link here to a website or facebook page/event where people can get more information about your EVENT.  It’s a good idea to click the ‘open in new window’ box. This way, both your website and the BScene website will be open at the same time.

Select a Sub-Category in one of Categories

You can click the closest sub-category that applies in the Entertainment, Community, Education, Sports, The Arts, and Family categories.

Additional Private Notes

You can include information here that will be sent to a BScene Team Member ONLY and will NOT be visible to other users.

Event Image

You can click ‘select an image’ and choose ONE image saved in your computer.  This can be a poster or other appropriate photo.

ONLY JPEG or PNG files can be uploaded. Maximum file size of 1MB.

Submit Event

After you have entered all the necessary information on the form, please remember to click the ‘submit event’ button. Then you will receive a success message on the website.

Changes and Cancellations

Please email with changes or cancellations to your event(s) that have already been submitted.

Event Image/Poster

Sorry but at the moment, you cannot include a poster or image when using the online form to submit an event.  If you’d like to include one with your post, please email it to  In your email, please include the title of the event you used when submitting the event online and the date of the event.

Thank you.