Events by this organizer


01nov6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

01nov6:30 PM8:00 PMIntuitive Painting

02nov10:00 AMAdult Craft Bag: Autumn Book Wreath (Take Home Craft Kit)

02nov1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

02nov2:00 PM3:30 PMBrant Writes Writing Group

02nov6:00 PM8:00 PMDigitally Savvy: Intro to Amazon

06nov2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

07nov10:30 AM12:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Resin

07nov2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

07nov2:00 PM3:00 PMCompassionate Community Care Calls

07nov5:30 PM7:30 PMTech Coach

07nov6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

08nov6:30 PM8:00 PMDesign Your Own Zine

08nov6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

09nov1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

09nov2:00 PM3:30 PMDigitally Savvy: The Wonderful World of Podcasts

10nov1:00 PM3:00 PMIntroduction to the Library Resources and VR

13nov2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

14nov10:30 AM12:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Resin

14nov2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

14nov6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

15nov6:30 PM8:00 PMHistory of Theatre in Paris

15nov6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

16nov1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

16nov2:00 PM3:30 PMBrant Writes Writing Group

16nov7:00 PM8:00 PMWills and POA

20nov2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

21nov1:30 PM3:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Resin

21nov2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

21nov6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

22nov10:00 AM12:00 PMDigitally Savvy: Intro to Video Calls

22nov6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

22nov6:30 PM8:00 PMBritish Home Children

23nov1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

23nov2:00 PM3:30 PMDigitally Savvy: Exploring the Library's Digital Archives

25nov11:30 AM1:00 PMFan-Tastic Green Screen Fun

25nov1:00 PM2:00 PMSuper FanFest Virtual Reality

25nov2:00 PM3:30 PMSpecial Event: FanFest Panel and Q & A

27nov2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

28nov10:30 AM12:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Resin

28nov2:00 PM3:30 PMParis Walk and Talk Book Club

28nov2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

28nov6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

29nov6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

29nov6:30 PM8:00 PMIntro to Home Brewing

30nov1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

30nov2:00 PM3:30 PMDigitally Savvy: Travelling with Virtual Reality

30nov5:30 PM7:30 PMTech Coach

30nov6:30 PM8:00 PMBurford Book Club


01dec1:00 PM3:00 PMIntroduction to Wood Burning at the Library

04dec2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

05decAll Day12Adult Craft Bag: Book Fold Winter Tree (Take Home Craft Kit)

05dec10:30 AM12:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Collage

05dec2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

05dec6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

06dec6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

06dec7:00 PM8:00 PMIntro Into Acrylics with Artist Nicole Alexander

07dec1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

07dec2:00 PM3:30 PMBrant Writes Writing Group

11dec2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

12dec1:30 PM3:00 PMArt-fully Autumn: Exploring Collage

12dec2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

12dec6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

13dec6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

13dec6:30 PM8:00 PMMake Your Own Herbal Teas for Winter

14dec1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

18dec2:00 PM4:00 PMSlow Stitching

19dec2:00 PM4:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

19dec6:30 PM8:00 PMTuesday Night Knitters

20dec6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

21dec1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club

21dec2:00 PM3:30 PMBrant Writes Writing Group

27dec6:30 PM8:00 PMCasual Knit & Chat

28dec1:30 PM4:00 PMMahjong Club


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