This June we are called to vote for our Provincial Representative in Government, so we wanted to get to know the candidates. As we’re all about positive and local, we asked a few questions to shed some light on their community spirits.

Here are the answers from six out of the nine local candidates. Unfortunately, we were not able to connect with three candidates: Leslie Bory of the Canadians’ Choice Party, Ruby Toor of the Ontario Liberal Party, and John Turmel of the Paupers Party of Ontario.

We hope that their answers help in making your decision on June 7th. Please take some time out of your day to go and vote as each election and government can have a great impact on our lives. For more information about the elections, please visit:

Here are the candidates in Alphabetical order:

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Name: Nicholas Archer
Party: None of the Above Party
Office Location – Contact Info & Social Media
Facebook: @archer4mpp

How are you involved in our community?
I am a member of the Brantford Community Brownfields Committee. I’m an active member of the Church of the Nazarene where I have served on the Missions Council. I occasionally volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity Brant ReStore.

What are your favourite local event(s)?
I honestly don’t attend most events and haven’t been to enough to say which is my favourite.

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?
I have no idea what this question means. I really need to get out more in the social media sense.

What inspired you to run for elections?
I was compelled to run because I realized that Ontario needed real change and the [others] were not the ones who were going to do it.

How do you want to make our community better?
I want to implement Third Position Reforms to all are problems but most importantly I want to implement Democracy Reform so the People would have more power by having the ability to be more involved in governance.

Why should people vote in the elections?
If you don’t vote you don’t have a voice. Even if your Candidate loses you still stood up and spoke. If you remain silent than you will go silently into the long dark night of Despotism. So, vote. If you can’t vote for the [other parties], vote for a Minor Candidate or a Non-Partisan Candidate. At least you spoke.

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Name: Will Bouma
Party: Ontario PC
Office location, contact info & social media
321 King George Road, Brantford
Facebook: /WillBoumaBrant
Twitter: @WillBoumaBrant

How are you involved in the community?
• An optometrist serving 12,000 patients from Brantford, Brant and nearby communities
• Councillor for Ward 1 (St. George and area) on Brant County Council
• Volunteer firefighter with Brant County Fire
• Member of the Brant County Health Unit and Brant County Social Services
• Member of the Brant Waterways Foundation
• Member of the Grand Trail Network
• Works with the Ontario Association of Optometrists

What are your favourite local event(s)?
We like a lot of family activities such as Frosty Fest, Apple Fest, the fall fairs and Canada Day events.

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?
Twelve years ago Joni and I picked this community as the place to establish our optometry business and raise our family.

It’s all that we hoped it would be.

It has a rich history and a bright future. It has faced adversity in the past but has emerged a better community.
We love the Grand River and the trail network.

There are incredible amenities in Brantford and Brant, and excellent connections to other communities.

What inspired you to run for election?

In my career, in my public life and in my private life, I have always looked for ways to make life better for everyone I meet.

I do that in my optometry practice by helping people to see. I do that as volunteer firefighter by helping people when their need is the greatest. I do that on County Council by trying to make our community a safer, stronger and more prosperous place.

Why have I done these things? The simple and honest answer is: because I’ve been asked.
So now, having been blessed with so many of these opportunities, I believe I have the experience to serve in a larger role.

Why should people vote in the election?
Democracy is an incredible gift, but we have to take care of it or we risk losing it.

The political process is an amazing thing. Different people can identify the same problem, but may have different solutions. The political process gets them together and gives them the chance to work together. They could come up with a solution they might not have seen before.

But it only works if people participate and contribute their ideas. They can do that by supporting a candidate, by volunteering, or simply by casting a ballot. Or they can do it by digging in and running for office. Whatever way they get involved, they make the system work and, hopefully, make their community or country a better place.

Some people may agree with me and vote for me. Some will not. That’s not important. What’s important is being involved in some way, even if it’s is just to cast a ballot.

Embody the change you’re looking for.

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Name: Ken Burns
Party: Green Party of Ontario
Office Location:
Brant Greens
P.O. Box 26025
RPO Terrace Hill
Brantford ON N3R 7X4
Social Media:
• Facebook: kenburns.brantgreens
• Twitter: @BrantGreens and @theKenBurns
• Instagram: @thekenburns
• Website:

How are you involved in our community?

People might have seen me cleaning up garbage at the annual Grand River Environmental Festival, or planting trees with the Brant Tree Coalition each year. I currently chair Brantford’s Environmental Policy Advisor Committee (EPAC). We champion Brantford’s Declaration of the Right to live in a healthy environment.

I’m Past vice-Chair of the Brownfield Community Advisory Committee where we championed the hosting of the Brownfield Prevention conference in Brantford, a first of its kind in Canada. Also, I’m very supportive of the Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB) and am passionate about protecting our drinking water from the threats posed by aggregate extraction in Paris.

What are your favourite local event(s)?

It’s hard to pick a favourite. There are so many things to do here. But I’d say that the Paris Fair is pretty “BRANTastic”. For the last five years, I was there every day with the Brant Greens. Perhaps BScene readers saw our Green Screen booth, filled up their water bottles, or enjoyed the free button making activity for kids.

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?

The natural beauty of the countryside, especially along The Grand River, is pretty spectacular. Our farmlands too. My family buys our meats, eggs, veggies and eggs directly from local farmers. How many places can you do that on your way home from work?!

But mostly, the people who live, work, and play here make our community #BRANTastic.

What inspired you to run for elections?

I’m running because climate change is the single biggest threat to our municipality that there is, and I believe sustainability is the answer. Sustainability is a big word, but the idea is simple. It’s about building the communities we want at a price we can afford, now—and in the future.
I believe we can kick start local job creation by supporting clean tech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small business. I want to bring people powered change for a modern, sustainable economy to our BRANTastic community.

How do you want to make our community better?

I fully support the urgently needed increase to our hospital capacity. We must put an end to “hallway medicine” by prioritizing frontline services over administration. I also want to focus on preventing illness, not just treating it. I’ll expand access to multiservice models like family heath teams, nurse led clinics, community care centres, and indigenous health access centres.

Our community is projected to grow significantly over the next 20-25 years. Skyrocketing housing costs are increasingly putting home ownership out of reach for the average person. Urban sprawl is much more expensive than compact development. We can keep our future taxes lower by looking at innovative ways to approach infill and density without changing the character or look of our community.

I will update our zoning for a combination of mixed use and medium density housing types and rental units such as tiny homes, in-law suites, and laneway housing. We will work with local builders to make homes more affordable by being more energy efficient.

Why should people vote in the elections?

The decisions we make today — about how and where we build, how we generate and use energy, how we address climate change — will have profound implications on our economy, prosperity, health, and the environment for generations to come.

I believe we need everyone’s voice to shape the future we want to share. So, while I hope people will vote Green on June 7th, however they cast their ballot, I truly hope everyone will get out and vote!

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Name: Alex Felsky
Party: NDP
Office Location: 560 West St, Unit C, Brantford
Twitter @alexfelsky
Instagram: @alexfelsky
Facebook: @brantndpalex

How are you involved in our community?

I have served on many boards and committees including Brant United Way, Victim Services, Sexual Assault Centre and the Brant Association for Breastfeeding Information Education and Support. I’ve started up a school program and volunteered as a Site Coordinator for Brant Food for Thought. I volunteer and participate with many local charities including Nova Vita, Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life, and the Holmedale Neighbourhood Association. I also own a small business and have been an active member of the Brantford Chamber of Commerce.

What are your favourite local event(s)?

The Brantford International Villages Festival (cannoli! samosas! pierogi!), Canada Day celebrations, Brantford International Jazz Festival, Brantford Pride in the Park, Springtime in Paris and Apple Fest in St George are all incredible events I love to enjoy with family, friends and community.

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?

People always make a community and we are a group of diverse communities fortunate to be linked by the Grand River. There is a real spirit of collaboration within and between our communities. We are fortunate to have an amazing natural landscape and trails which give us the opportunity for outdoor adventures. We also have a great local arts, culture and food scene, while also having the beautiful countryside and farmlands.

What inspired you to run for elections?

I believe that people can be at the heart of government and that we can shape the kind of future we want for our community and our province. I have a track record of strong advocacy in my role as an elected school board trustee for students, families and public education. I want to take that experience to Queen’s Park to work on behalf of everyone around issues like health care, affordability and creating pharmacare and dental care programs for everyone.

How do you want to make our community better?

There are so many things but top of mind I see these priorities:
– End hallway medicine, get a second hospital for the riding and fix seniors care.
– Fix Hydro by cutting our bills by 30% and bringing Hydro One back into public hands.
– Make life more affordable with drug and dental coverage for all.
– Convert student loans into grants.
– Protect the middle class by having the wealthiest people and most profitable corporations pay their fair share.

Why should people vote in the elections?

Because this election is critical, with much at stake. There is a stark choice for those wanting change between [other parties] or change for the better with Andrea Horwath and the NDP, where we can get good things done for people in our community and the province as a whole.

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Name: Rob Ferguson
Party: Ontario Libertarian Party
Office Location – Contact Info & Social Media
(519) 754-0927

How are you involved in our community?
All my life I have volunteered in this community. From the United Way Kick Off, CNIB, and Riverfest. I own a small business in marketing and advertising and love helping small business succeed. I am currently the chair of the Brantford Small Business Networking Group. I love to assist my lovely wife in her animal rescue. I have been a candidate in one federal, two municipal and this will be my 4th provincial election in the area.

What are your favourite local event(s)?
I have always loved the events in and around Brantford/Brant. Our Canada Day events have always been on the top of my list for local events. As a past core committee member for Riverfest I can say I do miss that event in our community. I also really enjoy the service club events. Brantford-Brant seems to have it all. From Applefest to Wtfest, from a great local Santa Claus parade to the Jazz Fest. Brantford-Brant is the community for great local events.

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?
This is rather an easy answer, what makes Brantford/Brant great is the people here. We all strive to help one another, even in elections our candidates would rather tackle the issues not each other. That’s what separates us from other communities. As our community continues to grow and move forward I often say I’m proud to live here. The history of this community is so deep and true.

What inspired you to run for elections?
This is the most common question we get as candidates in an election. The simple answer is because we want to make a difference. I believe with my life experiences I can make a difference. I believe that all three levels of government need a role, and I want to be a part of that. I can relate to everyone on almost any issue, I feel it, I’ve lived it. Again, I want to make a difference, together we will make a difference.

How do you want to make our community better?
I already believe we live in the best riding in Ontario, but to answer this question I’d have to say listen. Too many times government say one thing and do another, trust is earned not given away. Politicians talk, leaders listen, this is what this community needs, someone to listen and give the community a voice on the issues that affect this community.

Why should people vote in the elections?
When you don’t vote you’re saying you’re happy the way it is. Who is happy the way it is? All voters need to get out and vote even if it’s for another candidate. There is too much at risk this election not to vote. Another point that needs to be made is by voting for one of the smaller parties sends a message to the larger parties and they are starting to adapt some other parties’ platform planks. So that old opinion my vote doesn’t matter isn’t true, it does matter. Vote for what you support. I am looking forward to this election.

Submitted Photo

Name: Dave Wrobel
Party: Ontario Party
Office Location – Contact Info & Social Media
37 Gillin Road, Brantford, Ontario. N3P 1T8

How are you involved in our community?

Served as a Municipal Councillor for 3-terms. Long standing member to the Kinsmen Club of Brantford. Active participant/volunteer in many community events and activities, including, but not limited to Canada Day Celebrations, Rifest, Grand River Environmental Clean-up, Branlyn Neighbourhood Association, and Brantford Minor Ball. I am also blessed with the opportunity to serve as a praise and worship leader at a few of our community churches.

What are your favourite local event(s)?

Canada Day Celebrations
Kinsmen Ribfest
WTFest Musical Festival
Grand River Pow Wow
Paris Fair

In your opinion, what makes our community #BRANTastic?

People that live here. The collective cultural and industrial history. Brantford-Brant is strategically positioned within a 60 minute centre to 2/3’s of Southern Ontario’s industrial, agricultural and residential wealth.

What inspired you to run for elections?

I have long believed that actions speak louder than words. I wanted to affect the kind of long term positive change that would have a lasting effect. That’s when I took a leap of faith by trusting that my sentiments would be shared by many others. Together we could be the change and make a positive difference for our communities.

How do you want to make our community better?

Lead first by putting aside partisan politics and represent our community at a grass roots level. The same way, I conducted myself as a Ward 4 Councillor. Take the time to listen to our community’s voice by sitting down and engaging in a meaningful conversation to identify your needs and the needs of others. My greatest effort will be to advocate across all levels of government and collectively interact with other MPP’s to create solutions that work for our community. Solutions you can be proud of.

Why should people vote in the elections?

To put it mildly, voting is like exercising muscles. If you don’t regularly exercise you may run a higher risk to your overall health. In much the same way, a healthy society should exercise our voting privilege to maintain a strong voice in our democracy. It’s the fundamental front line of preserving our rights and freedoms outlined in The Charter. So many served to protect our freedoms. In essence, voting is a call to action.