By: Jason Freeze

Writing this article has been rather difficult this month. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what to say and how to say it. We’ve all been overwhelmed by this virus situation and pretty much everything has been disrupted along the way. Our emotions are running high, we’re scared, we’re uncertain, and we’re not sure what’s going to happen in the end.

While as humans, we never really know what’s to come in the future, times like these certainly heightens the threat and ensnares us with fear. We’ve all seen this fear and uncertainty spread throughout our society, community and inevitably ourselves. At the best, our daily lives feel like they’ve been thrown into chaos. But there are others out there without jobs, without food security, and without many other necessities. And worse yet, the people (and their loved ones) who actually have and are dealing with the outcomes of this disease.

Times are certainly not normal, and things certainly look bleak. And sadly, there won’t be an “overnight fix” either. We’re in this for the long haul, which just makes us feel worse. But with everything going on, it’s important that we see the light. We need to take a deep breath and refocus. We need to stay strong and steadfast with our countermeasures. And we need to try and look toward the positive.

One of the best things about us, as humans, is our adaptability. However much we might dislike change, or however scared we are now, we can adapt, and persevere.

As such, our paper has had to adapt to these new realities. While we can no longer deliver our papers out to you, we can still showcase our community and our positive stories with you, online. We’ve had to change things up quite a bit and you’re see that as you read along. But I hope we can still brighten your day and keep you informed about our local community.

On a personal note, it’s been tough to see the business that you’ve created and nurtured for over five years suddenly take a dive within weeks or days. And I’m sure this sentiment has been felt around our business community and throughout the world as well.

It’s been a tough month for us all, and unfortunately, it’s going to continue to be so for the next while. But we can get through this. Even though we’re physically separated, we can still work together. We can still support each other through other means. We can, and we will adapt. And we will overcome this situation.

So over the next few months, lets all try to stay positive. Lets all look toward that glimmer of hope. And lets all be supportive with each other no matter our challenges.

During these difficult times, we can all support each other by washing our hands, staying home as much as possible, helping others when we can, giving our neighbours and loved ones a call to check in on them, by physically distancing ourselves when we are out, and also by keeping our planet and environment healthy. Please stay up to date with the latest protocols and actions and please adhere to them. For more information, please visit the local links provided on Page 4. If you are experiencing any challenges, please reach out. There are people and organizations there to help.

You can stay up to date with BScene by visiting our website at All of our Editions of the paper can be viewed online using our “Issue Archive” tab. We are still accepting and showcasing local events on our Online Event Guide. Many people are hosting online events, and we are happy to keep showcasing these with our community! For those of you looking to get your paper directly to your inbox, you can sign up to our new email newsletter at And you can always stay in touch day to day on our Facebook Page @BScenePaper and our other social media accounts.

Last and certainly not least, we all need to thank the front-line workers who are out helping to support us all. Thank you for your support and continued efforts in these uncertain times.

Stay Healthy and Stay #BRANTastic
Jason – Owner of BScene