Photo by: Jason Freeze

Submitted Media Release

Photo: L to R – Willie Maertens, Jim Harder, Lee Foster, Janie Knill, Drew Baird, Stacey Ellins, Mayor David  Bailey, Martyn Van Berkel, Sheena Yarek, Counsellor David Miller

On Tuesday, May 28, 2019, the County of Brant acknowledged four businesses or service groups for their dedication to enhancing accessibility in the Brant community.

“We are thrilled to present these awards to local community leaders,” said Mayor David Bailey. “These awards acknowledge that good people are intentionally working to make the community inclusive and welcoming for all.”

Photo by: Jason Freeze

The winners of the awards were:
· Jason’s Wheelhouse, a centre that offers recreation and programming space for guests with social and sensory needs.
· The Hollow Willow Health Store for providing a removable ramped entrance allowing access to the public as required.
· Art Cadman Burford Lion’s Park for paving the main paths and making them easily accessible for outdoor lovers.
· Scotland Community Center for making barrier free renovations to the facility.

Photo by: Jason Freeze

“I want to thank everyone in the community who is working towards inclusion,” said Bailey. “We need to continue to work together to ensure this community provides equal opportunities to all residents and visitors. Our goal is to ensure everyone is empowered to fully engage and participate in their community,” said Bailey.

For more information about the Accessibility Awards, please contact Sheena Yarek, Accessibility Advisor for the County of Brant at 519.449.1818 x 3204 or