Submitted Media Release

In uncertain times, we know that community supports are more important than ever. To build on the supportive community “caremongering” movement that is sweeping across Canada during this difficult time, the City of Brantford is working diligently with our community partners to ensure that residents have access to the most updated information on available resources and services, and ways to connect with their neighbours if they require support or want to assist those in need.

“This a challenging time for our community,” said Mayor Kevin Davis, “Brantford is a strong and resilient city, and I’m really proud of how many people have reached out to offer their help in this time of crisis. Supporting one another safely, while also aggressively practicing social distancing is key to a more positive outcome for our community.”

The Brantford Neighbours helping Neighbours Campaign achieves 4 key objectives:

1) Sharing available resources

The City has developed an inventory of services and resources relating to meal programs, food services, specialized grocery stores and pharmacy hours and services dedicated to seniors and vulnerable community members. Learn more at

2) Encourage Donations

As the community works together to ensure that food is available to those in need, the City encourages food retailers and social service agencies to use, a free website that connects businesses that have surplus food directly to local organizations that support individuals in the community.

Food businesses including: retail outlets, restaurants, bakeries, coffee houses, caterers, hotels, prepared food producers, distributors, and growers can use this system to donate surplus food.

Any registered charity or non-profit organization including: meal programs, after school programs, drop in centres, student nutrition programs, food banks, shelters and community services can register as a “food rescuer” to receive donations. Organizations can claim any donations that interest them.

Additionally, various community agencies continue to accept monetary donations, including the Red Cross, Brantford Food Bank and Brant United Way. Residents can access a list of organizations in need of monetary donations, food, and supplies at

3) Neighbourhood Associations helping Neighbours

The City recognizes that residents want to offer support to their neighbours. Individuals who are able to provide support are encouraged to connect with their local Neighbourhood Association (NA) through the NA Facebook pages. Neighbourhood Associations are utilizing their Facebook pages to connect volunteers with those in need. Find a list of local Neighbourhood Association Facebook pages at

4) Connecting Volunteers to those in need

Recognizing the interest of volunteers looking for opportunities to support the community, the Brantford Regional Association of Volunteer Administrators (BRAVA) also encourages the use of the GIGIT Volunteer Marketplace as an ideal place for agencies to post current volunteer needs, and where volunteers can view opportunities and apply directly to current postings.

To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit