Submitted Media Release

On Friday, November 2, 2018, County of Brant officials were actively engaged in an emergency training exercise. This year’s training exercise focused on a train tanker chemical spill near the heart of Paris, ON, which required a simulated evacuation of residents, institutions and businesses.

“Every year, County officials practice different emergency scenarios. These exercises are our opportunity to assess what is working well and where we need to improve,” said Fire Chief Michael Seth. “To focus on building resiliency within the community means to place a greater emphasis on how the community can strengthen our capacities.”

Photo by: Suzie Keczan, Marketing Specialist at the County of Brant

Involved in the training exercise were County of Brant personnel, the OPP, Social Services and the Medical Officer of Health. “During an emergency, we need to work closely as a team and with the community,” said Seth. “The more we practice, the more we develop relationships, trust and an understanding of what is needed.”

“Overall, the training exercise was a success and an excellent learning opportunity for everyone involved,” said Kent Pottruff, Emergency Management Program Manager for the County of Brant and City of Brantford.

The Emergency Management Program Manager position is a newly created shared position between the County of Brant and City of Brantford. “This position promotes the building of cohesive and complimentary emergency plans between the County and City so we can effectively respond as individual municipalities, collectively for emergencies that impact both jurisdictions, or to provide assistance to each other during prolonged situations,” said Pottruff. “A community does not exist in isolation. In fact, during an emergency, all municipalities rely, to some extent, on external agencies and their Federal, Provincial and Municipal partners.”

County residents are encouraged to also be prepared for an emergency. Everyone should prepare a survival kit of emergency supplies in case utilities are out, roads are closed or you cannot leave your home. Plan to take care of yourself and your family for up to three days and make sure everyone in your home knows where to find the supplies. Also, remember to prepare your car emergency kit, as storms may make the roads and driving treacherous.

The County of Brant offers information and resources on how to prepare for an emergency at

For more information, contact Kent Pottruff at the County of Brant, at 519.442.4500 or