By: Brant Childcare Supervisors Network

High quality Early Childhood licensed child care is right here in your very own community. In Brantford/Brant we have many licensed child care centres, multiple school-age programs and one agency offering home child care services for children from birth to 12 years of age.

Child Cares are licensed by the Ministry of Education who inspects them to ensure they meet specific provincial health and safety and developmental standards.

Each program is unique but they have commonalities. Each program is guided by How Does Learning Happen, Ontario Pedagogy for Early Years. Delivering programs where trusting relationships are built through meaningful interactions with families is the key. It is also the foundation to creating environments that allow children to have fun by providing interesting and engaging activities while learning in safe and nurturing spaces. Children are accepted for who they are, make friends and programs have responsive staff who see them as capable, competent and rich in potential. Research shows that high quality learning environments support young children’s well-being and appropriate child development. Programs offered in our community are diverse which allows for options for families to investigate and choose from. Included are licensed programs in:

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Sharon Brooks of Kids Can Fly putting up a sign showing appreciation for Early Learning Professionals – Submitted Photo

• Before and After School Programs
• Francophone Child Care Programs
• Home Child Care Programs
• Indigenous Child Care Programs
• Montessori Child Care Programs
• Parent Co-operative Preschool Programs
• Play to Learn Child Care Programs
• Reggio-inspired Child Care Programs

Many parents are now asking important questions about the safety and welfare of their children as they consider putting them into early learning programs. This is understandable. This is what the child care community is doing to support the health and well-being the children who are attending these programs.

• Following Health and Safety protocols Brant County Health Unit and the Ministry of Education
• Carefully observing the environment and children’s involvement to make sure that materials are being used to support children’s interests and learning
• Adjusting the program to include more outside program planning
• Ensuring that children experience positive social relationships within their cohort group and teachers

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October 22, 2020 was Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day. We celebrate the work of Early Childhood Educators, knowing the importance of the early years in children’s lives. We recognize how important early learning professionals are in the lives of children and families, to continue their work and providing enriching programs. During times of Covid, these professionals have had to change the way that they do their programming to ensure children’s safety and well-being. While childcare may look slightly different, early learning professionals are ensuring that the goal is still the same… children have opportunities to learn and flourish in enriching environments that challenge and excite them towards lifelong learning.

“We are grateful to our Early Childhood Educators, child care workers, and all staff working with children in Brant. We are proud of the important work they do every day and the essential role they play in teaching and nurturing the lives of our youngest learners. On October 22, we joined the communities across Canada to recognize not only their dedication and commitment but the valuable contribution they make to children, their families and our community. “Kathy Dickens, Director of Program Support and Children’s Services, Health and Human Services, City of Brantford.

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RECE’s are members of the College of Early Childhood Educators. As professional they are committed to and are guided by their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. For those who are reading this article and are considering a career in the early childhood field for early learning professionals in Brant at

For parents who are looking for licensed child care options is an online registration system that allows parents to search for licensed child care programs for their children birth to 12 years. Also available at this site is information about financial assistance for families and information on licensed centre-based care and licensed home child care programs.

Loris Malaguzzi, known for his role in development of Reggio Emilia schools said this of Early Learning Educators: “Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential strengths and languages and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture.” Each year, you can celebrate with them on October 22, 2020, National Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day.