Making Bowls

Making Bowls at the Clay Works Studio – Photo by: Jason Freeze

Local Potters Help Support Australian Wildlife By Creating Bowls!

By: Jason Freeze

Members and friends of the local Potters’ Guild have been spurred on by recent events in Australia and are looking to help the Australian wildlife by doing what they love – creating bowls!

The idea was kicked off by Donn Zver of Donn Zver Pottery and Cafe Troy. He wanted to help out by providing support to the wildlife efforts, but thought that he could do something better than just donating money. So instead he decided to post that he would have a sale on bowls.

Judy Dean Making Bowls

Judy Dean Creating a Bowl – Photo by: Jason Freeze

After going viral on Facebook, the local Potters’ Guild decided they could also help by making even more bowls for the sale. Together, they have been able to create about 570 bowls so far. And because of his post, other pottery groups from around the country are now starting their own sales as well.

The sale will be held on Saturday, February 8th at the Donn Zver Pottery shop starting at 930am. The bowls will be on sale for $20 each and all of the proceeds will be going toward the WIRES Wildlife Rescue in Australia. For more information, you can visit:

The group is expecting that the bowls will be selling quickly, so make sure to get there early!

Special thanks also goes out to Pottery Supply House in Oakville for donating the clay.

Congratulations to everyone involved on a great initiative! And thank you to local potter, Judy Dean for the behind the scenes look of the Clay Works Studio and their bowl creation efforts.