Submitted Media Release

The County of Brant has a number of AEDs (automated external defibrillator) located in public facilities to support the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. Knowing where to find an AED in Brant, may save someone’s life.

“An AED is a portable electronic device used to identify cardiac rhythms and to deliver a shock to correct abnormal electrical activity in the heart,” said Russell King, Director of Paramedic Services for the County of Brant. “AEDs save lives.”

Within the County, AEDs are located within various community centres, parks, libraries and fire stations. “Our goal is to have AEDs conveniently located so people can quickly access the lifesaving machine. Responding quickly is critical,” said Fire Chief Michael Seth.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 35,000 to 45,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest each year in Canada. A sudden cardiac arrest occurs in roughly 1 per 1000 people 35 years of age or older per year.

“As the population ages and grows in our community, the number of cardiac arrests will also increase,” said King. “Every second counts. The key to surviving a heart attack is to re-establish a normal rhythm as quickly as possible.”

For every one minute delay in defibrillation, the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim decreases by seven to ten percent. After more than 12 minutes, the survival rate of adults is less than five percent (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada).

AEDs can be found in many public facilities within the County of Brant including:

Community Centres:
· Airport Community Hall, 3 Airport Rd., Brantford
· Bethel Stone United Church Community Hall, 154 Bethel Rd., Brantford
· Brant Sports Complex, 944 Powerline Rd., Paris
· Burford Agricultural Hall, 6 Park Ave., Burford
· Burford Community Centre, 14 Potter Dr., Burford
· Cainsville Community Centre, 14 Garnet Rd., Brantford
· Glen Morris Centennial Hall, 17 Dunbar St., Glen Morris
· Mt. Pleasant Community Centre, 711 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Mt. Pleasant
· Oakland Community Centre, 3 King St. N., Oakland
· Onondaga Community Centre, 42 Brantford St., Brantford
· Pinegrove and Howell Community Centre, 492 Lynden Park Rd., Brantford
· South Dumfries Community Centre, 7 Gaukel Dr., St. George
· St. George Lawn Bowling Club, 8 Thompson St., St. George
· St. George Memorial Hall, 36 Main St. S., St George
· Syl Apps Community Centre, 51 William St., Paris

County of Brant Customer Service Offices:
· Burford Administration Office, 26 Park Ave., Burford
· Onondaga Customer Service Office, 42 Brantford St., Brantford
· Paris Cemetery Office, 116 King St., Paris
· Paris Community Service Office, 15 Curtis Ave., Paris
· Paris Customer Service Office, 66 Grand River St. N., Paris

· Burford Library, 24 Park Ave., Burford
· Glen Morris Library, 474 East River Rd., Glen Morris
· Paris Library, 12 William St., Paris
· Scotland-Oakland Library, 281 Oakland Rd., Scotland
· St. George Library, 78 Main St. N., St. George

Fire Stations:
· County of Brant Fire Administration Building, 61 Dundas St. E., Paris
· Scotland Fire Station, 43 Simcoe St., Scotland
· St. George Fire Station, 72 Main St. N., St. George

OPP Brant Detachment, 28 Mechanic St., Paris

Parks and Pool:
· Burford splash pad & picnic area, 14 Potter Dr., Burford (inside the women’s washroom under the pavilion)
· Green Lane Sports Complex, 8 Green Lane, Paris
· Paris Community Pool, 80 Laurel St., Paris

· All public and Catholic elementary and secondary schools

“Knowing the location of AEDs in your community, particularly in the areas that you frequently visit, could save a life,” said Seth.

For more information about AEDs within the County of Brant, contact the Fire Department at 519.442.4500.